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Modern, comfortable home in quiet area with garden and park views

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Our local area is quiet with lots of parks and gardens. There are many shops within a short walk and two shopping malls close by. We are in a great area for restaurants, many of which you can walk to. Melbourne is known as the garden city and there are may attractions to explore. You can visit the Great Ocean Road, the penguins at Phillip Island, travel on the vintage steam train 'Puffing Billy', visit the Yarra Valley or Mornington Wineries, see native animals at the Healesville Sanctuary or spend several days exploring the city. You could attend The Australian Open Tennis Tournament in January, The motor Grand Prix in March or the Spring Racing Carnival in November. We have a comprehensive house book with lots on information about our home and suggestions for day trips and local attractions.

We are close to trains, trams and the bus to get to the city. We are about 40km from the airport and 12 km from the center of Melbourne. We are close to public transport and the train takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the city. The train is a 5 minute drive away or a 20-25 minute walk. There are several bus stops to the city and other areas within close walk (4 minutes or 8 minutes walk) and the tram to the city is also easily accessible by about 15 minute walk. We will leave Myki passes (tickets) for you so its easy to get to the city on your first trip.

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Melbourne, Australia
Beigetreten July 2019
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If you would like to come to Melbourne please ask me! I will respond quickly. There are usually two of us travelling but occasionally my sister or a couple of friends will travel with us. Helen is a Chef/Teacher and now works teaching cooking on a casual basis, usually 3 days per week. Neil is a retired Industrial Chemist. We are also both very involved in running a registered charity which assists refugees. Helen is a director and board member of this charity.
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