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Perfect base to explore The Netherlands - Open for 2021

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Our home is in a recent developped erea. A park is at our doorstep. Since a lot of young families live in this erea, there are plenty playgrounds for kids at walking distance. Some of the marked hiking paths start near our house. In the rest of the Veluwe 700+ km of marked trails are waiting for you. Explore them by bike or foot.

Local supermarkets and grocery stores can be reached by bike or foot. The trainstation is 20 (bike)minutes away. A bus stop is 400 meters away. Car is easy, but not necessary. There are 3 (adults) bikes at your disposal. But Amsterdam is only one hour away, the city of Cologne is a two hour drive. Paris takes 5 hours, Berlin six hours. Car exchange is possible.

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I love to be your guide and supply you with information on local gems. We can meet for a drink if desired.I always like to meet other PLU members. I know a lot on Apeldoorn and it surroundings, but I lived in various part of the Netherlands. So just ask.

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Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
Beigetreten February 2019
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Home exchange is all about trust, that's why we like it so much. We are a family of three: Both Marloes(1962) and Ruud (1963)are self employed. We are open and respectfull to other people and their belongings. Our daughter Kitty (1997) moved out to study and we became empty-nesters. So it is basically the two of us who travel. We like to explore other countries by home-exchange. In this way we feel less tourist and more part of the country/life style of the place we stay.We love to "live like the locals". One of us is very allergic to cats, so we can not take care of cats during an exchange. Car exchange is possible. We started home exchanging in 2012 through Intervac and are addicted ever since. We exchanged with Sweden, Belgium, France, Poland, USA, Germany, Denmark and Lithuania.
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"Northen Italy"

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"We love to hike in mountain areas. We prefer small towns."

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"We love to hike. We prefer small towns."

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"We love to hike. We would like to discover the French Alps or Jura."

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"We love to hike. The Black Mountains or more south close to the Swiss border"

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"Sweden is always on our list. We prefer the coast."


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