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Bright and new appartment close to the centre and the beach.

Apartment • Barcelona Spain

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The flat is in the neighbourhood of Poblenou, which is very lively area and I really enjoy living here. Sometimes I even forget that the rest of Barcelona exists, even if it's very close too! My neighbourhood used to be an industrial area. Nowadays there's a mixture of old industrial buildings, new technological companies, cozy small streets, etc. Some very nice parts mixed with not so nice ones. But I like the mix. And other people must like it too, as I very often find people shooting films around :-). It's very close to the beach, to markets, bars and restaurants. You can walk to the markets, to the beach, hire a bike to cycle along the beach, hire a windsurfing board, or walk to a nearby restaurant.

Getting around

Poblenou is a rather busy area, within walking distance to shops and restaurants. It's also very well connected with other areas in Barcelona with 2 underground lines and buses just in front. In 15 minutes by underground you can get from my door to Plaça Catalunya (the very heart of Barcelona).

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Barcelona, Spain
Joined December 2018
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I'm Diana, I'm 46 and a freelance technical translator. I worked as an engineer for many years until I decided to take the step to work for myself. One of the reasons for this decission is that I wanted be more free to work from anywhere in the world, as I really enjoy getting to know other countries. I normally do simultaneous, longer term exchanges (1-2 months) to travel to another city and keep working from there while I get to know a new place and new people as if I was living there. I'm particularly interested in Río de Janeiro, Greece and in Reunion Island or Guadeloupe (I want to improve my French and my little Greek :-)). For trips to Europe, I could consider shorter exchanges, but always minimum 2 weeks. I normally travel on my own, so I'd like to exchange with a central flat where I can easily meet new people, go shopping, etc. without having to use a car, so that I can socialise easily :-). I can only do simultaneous exchanges, as this is my only flat.
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Athens, Greece
Dates flexible
"I'm learning Greek and I'd love to spend one month discovering Athens."

Dates flexible
"I'm learning Greek and I'd love to spend one month discovering Athens."

Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dates flexible
"I've been three times in Rio already (2 with long term exchanges). This is a city I love and I'm always happy to go back, as long as it is for at least one month."

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