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Bright, spacious 2 bdrm in central Reykjavík. Globes welcome.

Apartment • Reykjavík Iceland

    5 Guests  
    2 Bedrooms  
    3 Beds  
    1.0 Bathroom  
    1 Car space 
    1 Car available  
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Listed  February 2019
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Cupboard / drawers
Hair dryer
Bed sheets
Fire extinguisher
Smoke alarms
First aid kit
Clothes dryer

Travel styles

    Long term
    Good public transport

House rules

    Suitable for infants under 2
    Suitable for children ages 2-12
    Pets not allowed
    No smoking


The neigbourhood is one of the most popular in the city. It's in central Reykjavík, close to the downtown core (around 15 mins walk through a very nice older residential area) with its restaurants, cafés and shops but very quiet and peaceful. The neighbourhood is bordered on two sides by the sea. Both are only around 5 minutes walk from the apartment. There are walking/cycling paths alongside the sea. On one side you can see Snæfellsjökull glacier - walking on that side will take you downtown. On the other side you can see south towards Reykjanes peninsula. The walking path on that side will take you to Nauthólsvík - a small man-made beach where the sea is heated. Perfect to dip your toes in if you want to say you've gone bathing in one of the coldest oceans :) Afterwards you can lay on the 'beach', play a little volleyball, soak in the hot tub or have a cup of coffee and a snack at the café. There's a very nice 18-hole golf course by the sea, just a few minutes drive from our house (15min on bike and around 40min walk). The Reykjavík Art Museum, The National Gallery of Iceland and The National Museum of Iceland are all within walking distance (the first two around 15-20 mins and the third around 10-15 mins). There's also a cinema, two very nice outdoor pools (geothermally heated and warm all year round, both with multiple hot jacuzzis), a café, a supermarket, two bakeries, a fitness center and a small 'corner shop' (around 5 mins walk from the house) that has fresh fish&meat, sells just about everything you might need to cook and has excellent service. Larger supermarkets are within easy walking distance. 3 bus routes stop near the apartment, taking you around the west side of Reykjavik and Seltjarnarnes, downtown, to all the places mentioned above and connecting you with the rest of the bus system taking you to the neighbouring communities. Reykjavík's two largest theaters (The Reykjavik City Theatre and The Icelandic National Theater) are both easily accessible by bus. The same bus route goes to both and it stops around 3-4 mins walk from the apartment. The restaurants, cafés, nightlife, museums and shopping of downtown Reykjavík are easily accessible - especially during the summer, when its bright 24/7 and you can walk everywhere.

Getting around

Supermarkets, bakeries and a café within easy walking distance. Museums, old harbour area (restaurants and shops) and downtown core all about 10-15 min walk. There's also a bus stop right outside the house so getting to both the old downtown area and further afield is easy.

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Reykjavík, Iceland
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