Why People Like Us?

I’m glad you asked!

I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of a home swap but never done it before. We fit the bill well as we’re adventurous and don’t mind too much where we go but the prospect of leaving our home with strangers has always put us off. Clearly the model works and a million people have done home swaps successfully but the horror stories I googled were enough to stop us doing it.

It really comes down to the issue of trust. Would I put my biggest asset and all my possessions into the hands of someone I don’t know?

What we were after was some way to know that the swap would be with someone we could trust. We wanted to put our home with people like us if we were going to do it.

So, the name and the idea were born in the same discussion. We thought that we must know a couple of hundred people here and overseas around the same age as us who may want the same, and they would each have a circle of friends who could extend the network. If we could get direct recommendations from someone we know, we’d be happy to trust them.

But without People Like Us we couldn’t do that. We couldn’t know who those people were and we couldn’t possibly know their travel plans. My first (pretty terrible) incarnations of the product were aimed just at us but one day we realized that, if we want this, surely there must be others out there with the same need? And maybe we’d get to know those people and add them to our circle, or join the circles in some way?

Hence the idea.

We’re right at the beginning but I hope you like it and find it useful. If you have feedback or ideas, email me directly at drew@peoplelikeus.world.

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