Home exchangers, we need your help!

Sign our petition to keep home exchange free and available to all

A number of jurisdictions around the world have recently introduced or are considering the introduction of laws governing the restriction and/or licensing of short-term rental accommodation.

These laws have in some cases, notably Scotland and Amsterdam, explicitly include home exchanging / home swapping within the laws for short-term lets. Others have laws which are ambiguous.

We have created a petition to stop legislators including home exchange within short-term rental legislation, and to treat home exchange on its own and on its merits.

We believe we should not be subject to licensing to host a home exchange.

We believe that the act of including home exchanging in short term rental legislation misunderstands the difference and punishes a class of travel accommodation that is a part of the solution to the problems that the legislators are trying to address.

Please visit our petition, sign it and share it including to members of other home exchange sites. This doesn't just affect us. It affects everyone who exchanges.

#dontpunishthegoodguys #partofthesolution #peoplelikeus

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