People Like Us partners with Rotary for Home Exchange

PLU is the new home of the Home Exchange Rotary Fellowship

I have some very exciting news ... People Like Us has partnered with Rotary International to provide a home exchange service to Rotary's 1.4 million members in 46,000+ clubs worldwide!

Rotary is one of the largest service organisations in the world, providing service to others, "advancing world understanding, goodwill and peace through the fellowship of business, professional and community leaders". 

Kathy and I were at Rotary's international convention in Melbourne last week to launch our partnership and to tell Rotarians about home exchange, the Rotary Fellowship, and People Like Us. It was a fun and uplifting experience, bringing home the great similarities in our communities. We share common values of trust, generosity, respect and friendship. People Like Us is an obvious fit for Rotary, and vice versa.

The Home Exchange Rotary Fellowship has existed for over 50 years under various names and guises, well before the Internet and in the days of paper digests. Getting to know some of our new Rotarian partners, it's been really interesting to hear of the days of writing letters to people to ask for an exchange. Can you imagine tracking response rates in those days? 😂

A bit about how it works ...

We'll have lots of new PLU members from our work at the convention. The only difference from before is that Rotary members can filter for other Rotary members so they can find each other. It's all on the same website .. we're all in the same PLU family. New Rotary members can make enquiries/proposals to anyone, and anyone can make enquiries and proposals to Rotary members. Like always, no one is obligated to accept a proposal.

Please join me in welcoming our new Rotary members to our PLU family. This is an amazing opportunity for us to expand and grow, with a worldwide group of people like us.

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