Not getting enough enquiries?

I saw a brilliant post by Annemette in Denmark ( which I wanted to share. There's some excellent advice here! 🙂

Don’t get any enquiries because your home is not in a popular destination?

Recently I’ve seen a number of people making the above complaint. Here’s what I’ve learnt after more than 15 years/30+ exchanges:

1. You don’t GET many enquiries - you SEND them! And for some destinations it takes A LOT of enquries. I sent out hundreds before finding exchanges in NYC and LA, but I didn’t mind, because we had some fabulous holidays, so the work was totally worth it 😊

2. Some destinations ARE more popular than others, but that doesn’t mean that those of us with homes in less well known areas can’t make exchanges, we just have to work a little bit harder. My home is in a lovely area of Denmark, but most foreigners have only heard of - and therefore only send enquiries to - Copenhagen. So I’ve included some ideas for what to see and do in my area in my listing - and often mention a few of them in my enquries. And quite often people say: Hey, we’ve never been to Denmark, so why not?

3. But of course some destinations ARE really hard to find an exchange in, because there just aren’t that many listings there. When we first started exchanging we wanted to go to the city of Venice or to the Grand Canyon 😂 But you know what? There aren’t that many homeexchangers in Venice and none at all near the Grand Canyon 😉 So lesson learnt and enquiries sent to Paris instead: big city - lots of keen exchangers = two weeks’ wonderful first exchange 👍

4. When people start exchanging they often want to go to the popular places: New York, London, Paris etc., and so did we. But once you get a little more experienced you realise that some of the best exchanges are in places you didn’t know existed! We’ve had some of our best exchanges in small towns like Ashland OR, Kenneth Square PA and Leusden in the Netherlands - all places we’d NEVER heard of before going there.

So don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path! Good luck with your home exchange hunting 😊

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