Learn Italian with Italian Connections in Sydney

Ciao a tutti! Hello everyone! Have you ever thought about learning a language to go with your travel? About 20 years ago I thought I'd try to learn Italian 🇮🇹️. I started and forgot everything about 10 times before I started trying seriously 2 years ago. I joined Italian Connections https://www.italianconnections.com.au/ in Crows Nest, Sydney and I've been doing a class there once a week for nearly two years. The difference for me is that they make it fun, and that makes me want to keep going. Italian Connections offers Italian courses in small groups for all levels as well as private tuition for adults in kids and exam preparation. They also have boutique-style Study Tours to Italy. You can immerse yourself in Italian culture and learn the language in enchanting towns off the beaten track. I haven't done one of those yet but the students who have have thoroughly recommended them. They also do personalised translation services if you need that and they're contactable here: https://www.facebook.com/italianconnections.com.au/ Hope to see you there! 😁🇮🇹️

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