How responsive are you at People Like Us?

We've introduced a new feature at People Like Us to show how responsive a member is to booking offers. The response rate can be seen at the bottom of the property card on the main screen. It is calculated as a percentage of the bookings to which the member has responded for that property e.g. 80%.

If your response rate is below 100% it means that you have a booking offer to which you have not responded.

If you receive a booking offer, you can accept or reject the offer or mark it as Considering, meaning that you may accept at a later time.

It's important though that you respond to offers as a member has shown genuine interest and they are waiting for a response.

We have also introduced reminders to let you know if you have an offer to which you haven't responded. Just pop in to the site and accept, reject, or mark the offer as Considering.

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