All You Need Is Love

A February Offer From People Like Us

Are you a bit annoyed by the profusion of Valentine commercials and red hearts ❤️ that flourish in February?

I am with you.

But beyond chocolate boxes and greeting cards, I like to see this period as a reminder that love is at the center of our lives and communities.

And I see no reason not to celebrate the many different ways to manifest love. For example, how does love manifest in our PLU community? 

It is all about people

Exchanging homes is the the visible purpose of our service. In fact, it is the natural outcome of people interacting with people, building trust, connection and empathy.

Let me share one of the best kept secrets of home exchanging: By the time you agree on a home exchange, the people you exchange with won't feel like strangers.

You will call each other by your first names.

You will know that their eldest daughter plays the flute, and that they love hiking or scuba diving as a family.

We often say that these are just friends you haven't yet met in person.

People love their homes

Otherwise, they would not be part of this community.

You can see that when you read their profile and description.

Of course, there is pride in offering a stunning view, a large garden, a comfortable, family-friendly house, a gourmet kitchen or a perfectly located city apartment.

But there is more.

There are years of feeling “at home”, enjoying the neighborhood, the local market,  the rainy week-ends playing games in the living room, or the first snow in the winter.

I'm told there'ss a beautiful word in German which expresses this feeling: Heimat. Feeling home.

People will love your home too

You don’t know it yet, but when you become a member of PLU, people will actually have a crush on your home, and express it by giving out a heart!

We call it a "favourite”.

That means you'll receive surprise notifications that Jane, Paul or Katie favored your home.

It will make you curious.

Who are they? Where do they live? Is this a place you would like to visit some time?

Start a conversation. The ice is already broken!

Near or far, we love to travel

You may have seen it now, adventure does not necessarily begin after only a 12 hours flight (or 24 hours if you're coming from Sydney!!).

Especially these days when we have so many covid regulations, people are encouraged to go local and to explore their own country or region.

You may actually be surprised how you can create such vivid memories, in places that are literally at driving distance. 

I am definitely not discouraging you to explore the world (I'm about to do some international travel myself!),  but I am offering you the opportunity to keep traveling and discovering where it is possible and safe. And when borders reopen, you will be ready for long-distance exchanges.


Are you loving these stories? 

Join our wonderful community without waiting for the pandemic situation to clear.

We welcome you right now. 

Here is our proof of love to you: 

Choose one of the 3 premium membership options, and get one additional complimentary year of membership if you do not have a chance to achieve or settle an exchange during your membership period.

This is our guarantee to you because we do not want the pandemic to be in your way of an awesome vacation. 😃

I want to see my options!

This special offer is available only to FB group and registered members until February 14, 2022. 


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