A Present For Kathy

And a bonus for our Premium members!

Here’s something that happens in our house almost daily …

I see a new home pop up. 🏡

It’s beautiful. It’s in a place I want to go. ✈️

(That’s nearly everywhere!)

I message it to Kathy.

“Oooooooh, look at this! What do you think?”

Kathy clicks the link.

“I can’t see the photos. I can’t read the descriptions. Give me your phone!” 🤬🤯😳

Does this happen to you?

I’ve always wanted to fix this. My PLU login is under my name but it’s our house.

Fix it I shall!

My present to Kathy! 😂

After the Founder period, I’m going to introduce Partner memberships.

As a Premium member, you’ll be able to nominate another member as your partner.

They’ll be able to access the system the same as you, seeing all the same details you can.

You’ll be able to give access to your messages and exchanges if you wish, and you’ll also be able to give them access to update them.

Yours will still be the primary account and you’ll be able to remove access if you need to.

Better, this will be included in your existing Premium membership.

You could already have multiple homes for the one price.

Now you’ll be able to have multiple people!

We still have 5 days left on our Founder offer.


It ends at midnight on Monday the 28th of June. I’ll have a countdown clock on the website soon.

If you’re sitting on the fence, message me! I’m happy to discuss anything you like. 😃


Join us, and support your PLU community! ❤️

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