Der wichtigste Teil von People Like Us ist unsere Community. Unsere Gemeinschaft macht uns zu "People Like Us". Sehen Sie, was Hunderte unserer Mitglieder über uns und unsere Community zu sagen haben.

I have been a part of this community for a little over two-year snow and my, how I love it! The people in the community are what make it so fantastic. It’s like a huge family, where all of us can share our experiences and accomplishments with one another and support each other during downfalls. When my home was facing a category 5 hurricane, I had over a dozen people offer their homes to me and my family. I love hearing about the adventures of other exchangers and gathering ideas and connecting with one another. This site has given thousands of people all over the world, a home away from home(or maybe even a few). What an amazing community!

Nicole, Mitglied seit March 2019

This is truly the most wonderful platform to exchange homes! We exchange since many years and find that the people and homes here, are just the nicest you can imagine. Especially, if you are an experienced exchanger, you can feel that the "real home exchange spirit" is alive here - with people sharing not only their homes, but also their friendliness and outstanding helpfulness. Love this "place" and can only highly recommend to be part of this extraordinary community.

Judith, Mitglied seit October 2019

A fabulous home exchange community – welcoming, openminded and supportive. The founder Drew takes excellent care of keeping the community's good vibe and is most responsive. Upcoming questions are met in no time. The site is easy to handle and – in contrast to many other homeexchange platforms – privacy settings are excellent. Come and join People Like Us!

Andrea, Mitglied seit January 2019

People like us have been a dream to deal with Very nice people and a wonderful creative team!

Kim, Mitglied seit November 2018

Love the PLU website! Very easy to use even on a mobile. Very interactive!

Anke & Ye, Mitglied seit March 2019

Very nice and trustworthy platform. Great personal approach by the owner and creator. Members seem very dedicated to the true spirit of home exchanging.

Maria, Mitglied seit May 2019

Discovering PLU has been such a wonderful experience for us. We love the community and exchanging has completely changed the way we think about travelling. With two small children and being restricted to school holidays, travel was previously so expensive and frustrating. We love arriving at a new exchange with all the home comforts and being able to explore somewhere new. We would urge anyone on the fence to jump right in, you won’t regret it.

Sarah, Mitglied seit February 2021

A great new site! We have been with PLU since it started and they really consult members and respond to their needs. Many people were very disappointed when an existing, large Home Exchange company changed out of all recognition and PLU has developed the sense of mutuality and delight that we all missed.

Bill & Sophie, Mitglied seit February 2019