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Home Base for Alaska adventure in Anchorage, AK

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Single family home in a walkable neighborhood full of friendly people. Large yard with a creek to play in warmer weather and a big yard for snow forts in the winter.

Open area upstairs with living room/dining room/kitchen. Second living room area downstairs with TV. Two bedrooms on main floor (queen and full size bed) and third and forth bedrooms downstairs with two top bunks and a small rock wall in one bedroom and a single bed and lots of toys in the second. Laundry room with washer and dryer also located downstairs. Full bath on both floors; one with tub/shower and one with shower only.

Two floors, one flight of stairs. Lots of grab bars on the bathrooms/tub from previous owners.

We’re happy to have visitors of any age, but our stairs/railings are unsafe for mobile babies (open rails, etc). We have summer camping gear and winter gear (snow gear, sleds, etc) we can lend if needed.

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Access to the Costal Trail (11 miles of paved walking or biking trails in the summer and groomed for cross country skiing in the winter) stretching from downtown to Kincaid Park with our neighborhood being in the middle-ish, two parks/playgrounds within walking distance in the neighborhood. Well lit in the winter, lots of neighborhood walkers and bikers. Things to do in town include: TONS of wonderful and unique resturants and breweries, The Alaska Native Heritage Museum, The Anchorage Museum, Flight seeing from Lake Hood (bikeable from the house), plenty of regular “city” amenitites including movie theatres, book stores, grocery stores, local bakeries, local and chain resturants, shopping malls, salons, gyms, big box stores, etc. Great house to use as a "home base" for exploring more of Alaska. 45 minutes southeast of Anchorage you'll find Girdwood (https://girdwood.com/listings/things-to-do/). The winter offers skiing and snowboarding at the Aleyska resort and spa. Hiking trails and festivals are hosted here in the summer. Breweries, music events, and great restaurants happen all year long. While driving you'll pass beluga point and several other pull-offs for pictures and wildlife viewing (whales, eagles, dall sheep, and more). 2.5 hours south of Anchorage (1:45 beyond Girdwood) is Seward. You can arrive by car or train. On the way you have to opportunity to stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (https://www.alaskawildlife.org/) and Portage Glacier viewing area where you can take a boat ride and see the glacier up close. If you want to see more glaciers you can venture through the longest tunnel (2.5 miles) in North America to Whittier. In Whittier you can take a full day glacier and wildlife cruise. Whittier is on the Prince William sound and offers kayaking, animal viewing, fishing in season, and even scuba diving. Once in Seward you can take glacier or wildlife tours in Resurrection Bay, take a water taxi to islands for remote camping, kayak, or visit the Seward Sea Life Center (https://www.alaskasealife.org/)

The closest airport is Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC). Biking distance to grocery, post office. And walking/biking distance to a few restaurants and coffee shops. There is bus and uber/lyft access throughout the city as well. A rental car would be the easiest way to get around.

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Happy to lend camping gear, winter gear, bikes, etc if we have it available. We’d love to meet up for a meal or drink or a play date if you have kids. Or even just answer questions and give recommendations for things to do and see.

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Anchorage, Alaska
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A family of four living in Midtown Anchorage, Alaska. Close to the airport and a good home base for lots of Alaskan adventures. Currently starting to explore our plans to Australia in December 2020.
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