URGENT cherche logement New-York

Bonjour à tous. Suite à une annonce frauduleuse sur Homeexchange , je n'ai plus de logement pour nous accueillir du 21 au 28 octobre 2019, et le site est très décevant sur sa réactivité et ses garanties!!! . Nous sommes 5 adultes et ma fille de 8 ans. Je suis enseignante en France et nous venons pour visiter avec des amis. Nous pouvons diviser le"groupe " en deux car cela est très difficile de trouver un logement pour 5 adultes et une enfant. Nous souhaiterions juste ne pas être trop éloignés de Manhattan. J'espère que vous répondrez à mon SOS , c'est le premier voyage de ma fille à l'étranger et nous décollerons le jour de ses 8 ans !!! A très bientôt. Lydia

Vertaling netherlands.?

Lees iets meeting 21-28 september Utrecht maar begrijp verder niets van dit verhaal, zie geen vertaling of zo.....

My house is available in October 2019

Ma maison avec deux chambres et deux lits doubles, se trouve dans le Sud de la France, à 50 km du Musée Dali à Figueras en Espagne et a 200 km de Barcelone. J'accepte en échange de globes ou non-simultanée, si l'endroit m'intéresse https://peoplelikeus.world/fr/properties/487 My house with two bedrooms and two double beds, is located in the South of France, 50 km from the Dali Museum in Figueras in Spain and 200 km from Barcelona. I accept in exchange for globes or non-simultaneous, if the place interests me https://peoplelikeus.world/fr...

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PLU meetups in the Netherlands, Norway, New York City and Perth

People Like Us Home Exchange continues to grow, with almost 2,000 homes now available in our network. Our community has got together on Facebook to organise a few local meetups around the world over the next few months. We have meetups organised in: Tønsberg, Norway - 24 August or 1 September 2019 Utrecht (TBA), The Netherlands - 21 or 28 September 2019 New York City, USA - December 2019 Perth, Australia - January 2020 If you're interested and you can come, the details are on our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/peoplelikeus.world or email me at drew@Afficher plus

PLU Meetup 2020: Arlington USA, 9-12 October, 2020

I’m thrilled to say that we’ve been doing some planning for People Like Us’s first-ever get-together. We’re going to do it a little later in the year to give us a bit more time to organise things, never having done one of these before. We’ll also be a bit more established by then too. Dates: 9-12 October, 2020 Location: The amazing Graystone Castle, https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/1865, Arlington, Washington State, USA We’ll need to limit places to 70 as that’s how many the castle can hold for events. Accommodation will be a mix of in the castle and at nearby venues. The event will be exclusively for members of People Like Us Home Exchange. As this i...

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Reverse search

Just joined. Please can you tell me how to do a reverse search? i.e. look for people wanting the city I am offering. Thank you.

Join the People Like Us Home Exchange Facebook group

Just a quick reminder that People Like Us has a very active Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/peoplelikeus.world. With well over 5,000 members and nearly 2,000 posts/comments/likes every day, this is the best place to promote your home, look for an exchange, ask questions, make suggestions, and just get to know the community. We're really nice! 😀 Hope to see you there!

Help please

Hi everyone I'm new to People like Us - joined yesterday. Can you help me please? I've tried to translate a page about a home in the Netherlands which is in Dutch. But the drop down box doesn't have English in the list of languages to select. Help? Also is there a way to contact the site for help? I cant see any contact or help information. Am I having a seniors moment? Thank you in advance. Cheers Helen

Enjoy early spring on the beach in Brisbane

Our home #1905 available for non- simultaneous exchange or Globes from end-August to mid-September.

People Like Us Globes: opt out setting now available

Globes are coming to People Like Us, but the system will be optional. If you do not wish to participate in the Globes system, there is now an option available in your member profile. If you select this option, you will opt out of the system entirely. In this case, you won't receive a Globe in the initial allocation, be offered them, see options to offer them to others. As much as is possible, the system will be invisible to you. For everyone else, there is nothing to do right now. I expect the rest of the system will be ready in a couple of weeks. :)