What does "LGBTQ+ friendly" mean? Why is it necessary?

LGBTQ+ is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning plus other variants of gender/sexual diversity. While we would hope that everyone in the world would be friendly toward all people, it's not always the case and some people are less comfortable with people who are different from them. The flag was requested and is supported by our PLU LGBTQ+ community. In requesting the flag, we were told of an incident on another site, prior to PLU's formation, where a gay member and his husband were turned away from an exchange home upon arrival when the host learned they were gay. We have the flag and display it prominently on listings so that the LGBTQ+ community is supported and welcomed. We strongly encourage all PLU members to tick the box, and we look forward to a world one day where the flag isn't necessary.