How do I search for exchanges?

The most common way to search is by using the main search bar on the Homes page. Just type a destination, select it from the list, and it will automatically search for the location. But you can do so much more too: Zoom and pan the map to change the homes showing in the list. Hover over a listing card to see the pin highlighted in red on the map. Use our Filters page to narrow your search. You can search for your favourites, homes where the owners have favourited you, people who want to travel to your area, different types of homes, different styles of travel, homes features, home rules, different size and makeup of the travel party, and so on. You'll find filters for nearly everything you can imagine. There are, in fact, over a hundred! Under Homes on the main navigation bar, you'll also find some useful search links: - Your favourites - New listings in the last week - Search by listing number or first name of the owner - Search by most popular countries and continents