HISTORY ? We have it in bucket loads

CHESTER is our local go-to town for big shops, entertainment and for visitors like you, HISTORY. It was founded by the Romans in AD79, became their biggest Military Camp and to this day you can still see, feel and walk on items that are nearly 2 millennia old. LIVERPOOL is a short car ride, bus or train journey. Home of The Beatles, go on their Magical Mystery Coach tour. Worth every penny. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjvzCTqkBDQ The city waterfront is a WORLD HERITAGE SITE with more National Museums than anywhere outside London. Then there is the Football (Soccer to our USA friends) There is only one team as far as I am concerned and they play in B...

So much has been happening at People Like Us Home Swap

If you haven't visited for a while, now may be a great time to take another look at People Like Us. We have hundreds of new members, listings in 28 countries and a very vibrant community of home swappers. How about Fairlight in Sydney (https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/499), the UK (https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/590), San Diego (https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/546), Florida (Weiterlesen

Looking for some February sun

We are looking for a February home exchange....we can do non Simultaneous

Learn Italian with Italian Connections in Sydney

Ciao a tutti! Hello everyone! Have you ever thought about learning a language to go with your travel? About 20 years ago I thought I'd try to learn Italian 🇮🇹️. I started and forgot everything about 10 times before I started trying seriously 2 years ago. I joined Italian Connections https://www.italianconnections.com.au/ in Crows Nest, Sydney and I've been doing a class there once a week for nearly two years. The difference for me is that they make it fun, and that makes me want to keep going. Italian Connections offers Italian courses in small groups for all levels as well as private tuition for adults in kids and exam preparation. They also have boutique-style Study...

Χαίρετε! | Welcome to Greece!

Χαίρετε! - Hello in Greek 🇬🇷️ and yes, I had to look that up! Welcome to Flomochori Greece and Sharon's place on People Like Us https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/570! 😃Think dolmades, souvlaki, bouzoukis definitely, but also beaches, stone houses, cobbled streets, amazing views. Sharon says the beach is only a few minutes away by car and you can even walk there if you want to enjoy the scenery. The nearest beach 🏖️ boasts two ouzeries/cafeterias 🍸 where one can taste real octopus-meze, squid and drink ouzo, whilst taking-in the beautiful picturesque scenery of Kotronas Bay. The historic town of Areopolis 🏛️ is only 15 minutes by car with tavernas and souvenir...

Visit Danny in TLV

Posted on our World Home Swap FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1952476815051268/: I've been chatting with Danny 🇮🇱️ and he has convinced me that I must visit Tel Aviv one day, or TLV as the locals call it. He describes it as a hipster, vegan, gay 🏳️‍🌈 world capital, with many aspects and vibe of Berlin, San Paolo or San Fran. :) Love it! 😃😃 On Danny's listing https://peoplelikeus.world/en/properties/596 (which looks fantastic, BTW) he has a drone flight over TLV, really worth looking at. You'll get a great surprise!...

Big changes coming to People Like Us

We're always adding new features to People Like Us. Two weeks ago we completed our French translation (helped immeasurably by one of our members, Jen) and last week we added the ability to see when your messages are read. Earlier this week we did a huge overhaul to the way we store and send your pictures which has seen our site running MUCH faster. Later this week, we're going to add a BIG NEW FEATURE (yes, the caps are intentional and I shall now add not one, but two exclamation marks)!! I know many of you have been swapping for years and have listings on other sites before joining People Like Us. I know some people have lots of listings they maintain and some even have their own web or Facebook pages just for their home. It's a great way to boost interest and, even if some sites ch...

Jungle Tide | Visit Sri Lanka

Good morning world travellers! This morning I'd like to remind you of one of our very popular listings on People Like Us Home Swap, in Kandy, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰️ with member Sally. https://peoplelikeus.world/en/properties/365 Sally and her husband are seasoned home swappers and her home is available for most of the year for swaps. Her place has had over a thousand views on our site and you can see why with the photos! Sri Lanka is a fascinating place to visit. I've been there nearly 10 times myself, mostly for work but also for leisure so I can verify personally to the friendliness you'll encounter and the amazing sites you'll see. Jungle Tide is very well positioned...

Handbags in Todmorden | Visit the UK with People Like Us

Featured this morning on World Home Swap https://www.facebook.com/groups/1952476815051268/ and People Like Us is a new listing in the middle of the UK. I hadn't heard of it either but you're going to want to take a look. 🇬🇧️It is a market town in the Upper Calder Valley in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, nestled in between 3 valleys in the Pennines. It's really beautiful and it's the location of this morning's feature home from Adelle. Adelle may get the Photographer-of-the-week award 🏆. Her photos are truly stunning. She should win the award for her handbags alone! 😄🍾👜 Weiterlesen

Let's go San Diego | Join World Home Swap Facebook group

On this morning's post on World Home Swap on Facebook I'm introducing you to Pedro in San Diego! 🏝️https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/546. If you are not yet a member, come and join 187 of your close home-swapping friends! 😁https://www.facebook.com/groups/1952476815051268/ And while you're at it, check out Pedro's place. Everyone always says if you've got one day in LA, go to San Diego and I see why! Pedro's place is one block from the sand and has an incredible roof-top terrace with the views you see below. It's architect-designe...