Home Exchange Rotary Fellowship

Welcome to the Home Exchange Rotary Fellowship. Our Fellowship was launched in 1972 and has continuously supported Rotarians to experience the adventure of exchanging homes for travel.

In the early years, our Fellowship distributed a printed directory of homes available for exchange. In the early 2000’s, we affiliated with a website in California. They were eventually acquired by a large European corporation, and our Fellowship realized that we were no longer a good fit for this enterprise.

In 2023, the Home Exchange Rotary Fellowship has partnered with People Like Us Home Exchange. PLU has thousands of homes all over the world.

The People Like Us community holds similar values to Rotary and to the Home Exchange Rotary Fellowship: friendship, generosity, kindness and trust. We are confident that People Like Us will be the right fit, and will support our Fellowship.

Welcome to the new home of the Home Exchange Rotary Fellowship! We are excited about home exchange, and about the possibilities that our new partnership will bring all of our joint community members.