PLU Global Meetup 2020

Following a discussion on our Facebook group, I'm announcing our first global meetup, to be held at Graystone Castle, 23-25 May 2020. Thank you so much to Emily Peterson who has very graciously and generously donated the use of her castle in Arlington, Washington State, USA. Emily says they can cater for 25-ish overnight guests across 7 suites. There is a resort casino with accommodation a mile away and Emily says that if there is...

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What system of tokens do you want at PLU?

Last month on on our Facebook group we had a vote about whether or not we should introduce a system of tokens to assist non-reciprocal exchanges. The result of the vote was 65% for, 25% against with the rest either wanting more information or not committed. Today we are discussing the type of token system that would be preferred. Visit our Facebook group to have your say. We really want to get as wide a cross-section of views as we can. Cheers, Drew

cozy apartment on the canal in Leiden, Holland, looking for a place in Barcelona!

Starting a summer job in Barcelona (around 15 May till beginning of Sep) so anyone have a place to stay for me? We can swap, come visit the nice city of Leiden in Holland, central location! Muchas gracias

Cancelación de reserva

Hola! Quiero hacerles una consulta. Tengo 3 ó 4 intercambios posibles, aún no confirmados. Por e-mail me comunica Drew que uno fue cancelado. Cómo sé cuál fue? Gracias por la ayuda!

Chambre dans petite maison, entre mer et montagne, dans le sud de la France

Si vous êtes seul ou a deux, je vous propose une chambre en hospitalité en partageant la maison, proche de l'Espagne et a 8km de la mer méditerranée. Pour la maison il va falloir attendre après l'été car c'est déjà réservé a certaines dates et j'ai également de la famille.. C'est ma résidence principale et je ne peux pas partir trop souvent par contre j'accepte de vous recevoir pour les périodes disponibles. Je me ferai un plaisir si vous le souhaitez, de vous accompagner pour vous faire visiter la région. #625 pour la chambre et #487 pour la maison. Au plaisir de vous lire . Je parle , Français, Espagnol et Catalan

SUMMER 2020!

Hi all PLUers! Looking for a swap for summer 2020, open to ideas! last week July 1st week of August. Plenty to see and do here in Sunny Worthing! #1116

Have your say: should PLU introduce tokens for non-reciprocal exchanges?

We are currently conducting a vote as to whether People Like Us should introduce a system of tokens for non-reciprocal exchanges on our Facebook group Hundreds and hundreds of people have had their say. We really want to hear what you have to say, about whether or not the system should introduced and, if so, what type of system we should have. Please contribute to the discussion by joining the group. Cheers, Drew

2 Bedrooms apartment with a balcony in Budapest/Hungary

Apt. for you in Budapest / close to City park and Spa Széchenyi ,-comfortable for 2-3 people! Come and enjoy the spring here in Budapest city of thermals and good foods. Sightseeing, sport and music events,-night life ,-dancing . Walking in Buda or Pest on Danube by boat . Come to Budapest I am waiting for you!

2 Bedrooms apartment with a balcony in Budapest/Hungary

Hi, Wellcome to Budapest ! Anytime you can come! I can speak french as well I'd like to go to France too. Best regards Suzan Gabor

Come to Algarve, Portugal.

Welcome, starter kit supplied. We are looking for an exchange to Melbourne, Australia. In Nov 2020 please.