New listing - Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Swap with People Like Us

Aissa has listed her lovely apartment in Rotterdam with People Like Us. Aissa says: "I live in a very diverse and lovely part of Rotterdam. My flat is also decorated with love and a lot of DIY. Such as my pallet couch, bed and (hanging) closet that I made. I do like a lot of light coming through my apartment and my wall is decorated with calm paintings or plants. I like the idea of being semi-minimalist. My place is quite peaceful, but I do however live in the city and enjoy the noise that comes with it. That goes the same for my space. You can make noise and no one will complain. What can I say: city life. My neighbors t...

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New listing - Livorno, Italia - Swap with People Like Us

Italy is one of our most sought after places and we're the first to admit that we need more listings, but this is brand new in beautiful Livorno in Tuscany. Nice and spacious apartment with sea view from two of the rooms, historic building, Terrazza Mascagni area and Naval Academy. This apartment still has the original floors of 1860, measuring about 100sqm, is very bright, airy and has its own personality. In summer it is particularly cool and comfortable. The sea view from the third floor, from two of the rooms, is spectacular especially in the days of wind of libeccio and during the sunset. List your home and sw...

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New listing - The Llangollen Canal, UK at People Like Us

Swap with John & Lyn in Bettisfield, UK! It's like having a garden that is over 3,000 miles long. The canal is part of the waterways system with its tentacles going all over the UK and all at 3 mile per hour! The tow path opposite the house is part of The Shropshire Way, a long distance footpath for keen hikers. Take a look at People Like Us. List your home to swap this beautiful home or others just like it.

New today - Swap "Raffles" on Ubud with People Like Us Beautiful contemporary 2 level house built along the lines of "Raffles" in Singapore. The house is built on the edge of a ravine, with an infinity swimming pool, and offers fantastic jungle views. It is very private yet walking minutes away from the town of Ubud.

New today - Swap a Beach house in Zapallar Chile with People Like Us

Swap with Francisco on the coast of Chile! "Our beach house in Cachagua, Chile is a delightful place where our family gets together for holidays and disconnection. Less than 2 hour drive from Santiago -the capital city- what I like most is the combination of high comfort and peaceful atmosphere of the house, with a wide range of attractions and activities for all interests and ages. The place works very well for multiple purposes and groups. Its perfect for families, big groups, partners, adventurers, nature-lovers, outdoor fans and those who want to just relax on the beach or by the pool. The place works excellent all...

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Help build the People Like Us network

A bigger network gives you more choice for free holidays. We have some brilliant new listings all over including England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Spain and Canada. But we can always do with more and this is where you can help us to help you. Please share your listing with your friends and Facebook. Let them know you're here and invite them to do the same. Invite them directly from the site by putting their address into the Circle page: And as always, if you have suggestions or feedback, please tell me at I respond personally to...

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New listings at People Like Us

We have new listings in the network every day. If you haven't dropped in recently you might have missed these fabulous new listings: Byron Bay Australia - Beachside living at its best - Amsterdam The Netherlands - Tiny but cosy groundfloor apartment with private backyard - Winter Garden Florida USA - Large Pool home on golf community 20 minutes from Disney World - Afficher plus

Let us set up People Like Us for you

Thanks for signing up to People Like Us. We know that setting up your home can take a bit of work so let us do it for you! If you already have a home swap page on another network, just send us the URL and we'll fill in all the details that we can. You'll still need to add the exact address but we'll do everything else, including the pictures. Sound simple? Just either send the URL to or login at and edit your profile (click on your name/photo in the top right corner) and you'll find a field for "existing URL".

Why People Like Us?

I’m glad you asked! I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of a home swap but never done it before. We fit the bill well as we’re adventurous and don’t mind too much where we go but the prospect of leaving our home with strangers has always put us off. Clearly the model works and a million people have done home swaps successfully but the horror stories I googled were enough to stop us doing it. It really comes down to the issue of trust. Would I put my biggest asset and all my possessions into the hands of someone I don’t know? What we were after was some way to know that the swap would be with someone we could trust. We wanted to put our home with people like us if we were going to do it. So, the name and the idea were born in the same discussion. We thought that we must...

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Welcome to People Like Us!

Hi, I'm Drew. Welcome to People Like Us! About 12 months ago I got an idea for a travel app that Iwanted to develop. I'm an old dev (go back to COBOL if you know what I'm talking about, that's old) but I've done a fair bit of app development with both Android & iOS but absolutely no web development. Nevertheless, I thought I'd teach myself as I went along and this is the result. I released it yesterday and put up a couple of posts on Reddit to put it out there. One was deleted immediately (thank you Travel mods) but the other had a bit of a run on the Laravel sub (the app was developed with the Laravel PHP framework). Too techie, let me move on. The concept for my app is a home swap network in which you can set up your own communities. My and my wife’s grand plan is to spend 3-...

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