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Log into People Like Us and update your desired destinations to let our members know where you want to travel and when. Update your profile to say that you're flexible to travel anywhere or any time, or add specific destinations and/or dates. See an example on my profile: https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/1 Over the next few days, we'll add a search feature to find people's desired destinations and I'll update any destinations I know about from earlier posts or comments.

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Red Train of Cathar Country and Fenouillèdes

Welcome to our tourist trains, through many services! The equipment being expanded, we offer you 3 4500 railcars and 5 car baths discovered and covered, towed by a powerful diesel locomotive of the most beautiful pace. Thanks to them, we connect from April to late October, the famous capital of Muscat: Rivesaltes to St. Martin Lys in the Aude, via Axat. Other races for visitors from the Upper Aude Valley are planned, with more outings provided in July and August. Our trip will take you through renowned vineyards, framed by a landscape of western, which will take over forests deep fir, oak, and chestnut. A route punctuated by some Cathar castles, with and impossible to see views of the road. Our railway line is operated by TPCF on weekdays between Rivesaltes, Cases de Pène and Cau...

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Christmas & New Years Exchange - NYC for DC

Hello! We are need of finding a place for Christmas & New Years in New York City please. We live near DC.

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Join People Like Us Vacation Home Swap this week for a whole year of free membership. Whether you're looking for Australia, France, Italy, the United States, South Africa, Thailand, the UK, Sri Lanka or anywhere in between, People Like Us has you covered for your next holiday. Just sign up, list and activate your home this week to take up our offer. Don't miss it - offer closes at midnight, 31 October.

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Fees to be introduced for new members after 1 November - Join now!

People Like Us is introducing a small fee for new members from the 1st of November. JOIN AND LIST YOUR HOME BEFORE NOVEMBER 1 TO RECEIVE THE 1ST YEAR FREE https://peoplelikeus.world/register Since we launched on the 1st of April this year we've come a long way. We now have hundreds of members and a thriving community. But, we have big goals. We want this site to be the best. We want it to give you the biggest choice and the best opportunity to find your home swap. We need to grow and we need to invest in the site and in advertising to find new members. Over this next year we'll be introducing guest points to help non-simultaneous exchanges, new languages, better sea...

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Venez découvrir la région Catalane, dans le Sud de la France

Les Pyrénées-Orientales, c'est un département français. Il se trouve à la jonction entre l'Espagne et la Méditerranée, et de ce fait c'est le département le plus méridional de France métropolitaine. Les trois-quarts de son territoire sont en Catalogne, une région transfrontalière bien plus connue pour sa partie espagnole (90% du territoire) que française (seulement 10% de la Catalogne est en France). Le dernier quart du département, c'est le Languedoc. Habitée par des catalans, cette région peut être fière de posséder de grands atouts : Une histoire ancienne (l'homme de Tautavel est le plus vieil individu retrouvé en Europe), forte (la domination catalane sur le bassin méditerranéen a duré un siècle), des traditions vivaces (La Sanch en est un exemple), une culture ancrée au plus profon...

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Thai/Anglo chef couple

Winter 2018/19 We would like a break from winter this year and are either looking for a swap or if anyone out there needs a chef/restaurant manager couple we would certainly consider a working holiday! We are fairly flexible on dates but mainly anytime from December 2018 onwards. Ideally returning around April 2019 but if there is a good opportunity out there who knows. If you would like more info about us please just ask

HISTORY ? We have it in bucket loads

CHESTER is our local go-to town for big shops, entertainment and for visitors like you, HISTORY. It was founded by the Romans in AD79, became their biggest Military Camp and to this day you can still see, feel and walk on items that are nearly 2 millennia old. LIVERPOOL is a short car ride, bus or train journey. Home of The Beatles, go on their Magical Mystery Coach tour. Worth every penny. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjvzCTqkBDQ The city waterfront is a WORLD HERITAGE SITE (see photo) with more National Museums than anywhere outside London. Then there is the Football (Soccer to our USA friends) There is only one team as far as I am concerned and th...

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HISTORY ? We have it in bucket loads

CHESTER is our local go-to town for big shops, entertainment and for visitors like you, HISTORY. It was founded by the Romans in AD79, became their biggest Military Camp and to this day you can still see, feel and walk on items that are nearly 2 millennia old. LIVERPOOL is a short car ride, bus or train journey. Home of The Beatles, go on their Magical Mystery Coach tour. Worth every penny. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjvzCTqkBDQ The city waterfront is a WORLD HERITAGE SITE with more National Museums than anywhere outside London. Then there is the Football (Soccer to our USA friends) There is only one team as far as I am concerned and they play in B...

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So much has been happening at People Like Us Home Swap

If you haven't visited for a while, now may be a great time to take another look at People Like Us. We have hundreds of new members, listings in 28 countries and a very vibrant community of home swappers. How about Fairlight in Sydney (https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/499), the UK (https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/590), San Diego (https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/546), Florida (Afficher plus

Looking for some February sun

We are looking for a February home exchange....we can do non Simultaneous

Learn Italian with Italian Connections in Sydney

Ciao a tutti! Hello everyone! Have you ever thought about learning a language to go with your travel? About 20 years ago I thought I'd try to learn Italian 🇮🇹️. I started and forgot everything about 10 times before I started trying seriously 2 years ago. I joined Italian Connections https://www.italianconnections.com.au/ in Crows Nest, Sydney and I've been doing a class there once a week for nearly two years. The difference for me is that they make it fun, and that makes me want to keep going. Italian Connections offers Italian courses in small groups for all levels as well as private tuition for adults in kids and exam preparation. They also have boutique-style Study...

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Χαίρετε! | Welcome to Greece!

Χαίρετε! - Hello in Greek 🇬🇷️ and yes, I had to look that up! Welcome to Flomochori Greece and Sharon's place on People Like Us https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/570! 😃Think dolmades, souvlaki, bouzoukis definitely, but also beaches, stone houses, cobbled streets, amazing views. Sharon says the beach is only a few minutes away by car and you can even walk there if you want to enjoy the scenery. The nearest beach 🏖️ boasts two ouzeries/cafeterias 🍸 where one can taste real octopus-meze, squid and drink ouzo, whilst taking-in the beautiful picturesque scenery of Kotronas Bay. The historic town of Areopolis 🏛️ is only 15 minutes by car with tavernas and souvenir...

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Visit Danny in TLV

Posted on our World Home Swap FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1952476815051268/: I've been chatting with Danny 🇮🇱️ and he has convinced me that I must visit Tel Aviv one day, or TLV as the locals call it. He describes it as a hipster, vegan, gay 🏳️‍🌈 world capital, with many aspects and vibe of Berlin, San Paolo or San Fran. :) Love it! 😃😃 On Danny's listing https://peoplelikeus.world/en/properties/596 (which looks fantastic, BTW) he has a drone flight over TLV, really worth looking at. You'll get a great surprise!...

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Big changes coming to People Like Us

We're always adding new features to People Like Us. Two weeks ago we completed our French translation (helped immeasurably by one of our members, Jen) and last week we added the ability to see when your messages are read. Earlier this week we did a huge overhaul to the way we store and send your pictures which has seen our site running MUCH faster. Later this week, we're going to add a BIG NEW FEATURE (yes, the caps are intentional and I shall now add not one, but two exclamation marks)!! I know many of you have been swapping for years and have listings on other sites before joining People Like Us. I know some people have lots of listings they maintain and some even have their own web or Facebook pages just for their home. It's a great way to boost interest and, even if some sites ch...

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Jungle Tide | Visit Sri Lanka

Good morning world travellers! This morning I'd like to remind you of one of our very popular listings on People Like Us Home Swap, in Kandy, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰️ with member Sally. https://peoplelikeus.world/en/properties/365 Sally and her husband are seasoned home swappers and her home is available for most of the year for swaps. Her place has had over a thousand views on our site and you can see why with the photos! Sri Lanka is a fascinating place to visit. I've been there nearly 10 times myself, mostly for work but also for leisure so I can verify personally to the friendliness you'll encounter and the amazing sites you'll see. Jungle Tide is very well positioned...

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Handbags in Todmorden | Visit the UK with People Like Us

Featured this morning on World Home Swap https://www.facebook.com/groups/1952476815051268/ and People Like Us is a new listing in the middle of the UK. I hadn't heard of it either but you're going to want to take a look. 🇬🇧️It is a market town in the Upper Calder Valley in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, nestled in between 3 valleys in the Pennines. It's really beautiful and it's the location of this morning's feature home from Adelle. Adelle may get the Photographer-of-the-week award 🏆. Her photos are truly stunning. She should win the award for her handbags alone! 😄🍾👜 Afficher plus

Let's go San Diego | Join World Home Swap Facebook group

On this morning's post on World Home Swap on Facebook I'm introducing you to Pedro in San Diego! 🏝️https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/546. If you are not yet a member, come and join 187 of your close home-swapping friends! 😁https://www.facebook.com/groups/1952476815051268/ And while you're at it, check out Pedro's place. Everyone always says if you've got one day in LA, go to San Diego and I see why! Pedro's place is one block from the sand and has an incredible roof-top terrace with the views you see below. It's architect-designe...

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World Home Swap has 157 members in 5 days

We've had 157 new members on our Facebook group World Home Swap since launch 5 days ago, plus loads of new People Like Us members and listings as a result. This little community of travellers is growing quickly. Thank you all for your kind words of support, and always for your suggestions as to how the site can be improved. May I ask you to do something for this community? If you're on Facebook and you haven't yet joined the group, now is the time: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1952476815051268/. Share the group to your friends and tell them about home swapping, why you do it, what you love, and tell them about People Like Us. Your People Like Us c...

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Midigama Sri Lanka | Join us on People Like Us

This morning, come with me to member Caroline's place Pallisters in Midigama on the south coast of Sri Lanka. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/517 It's approx 2.5km from the coast in a little village, but close enough to the ocean to still hear it. There's a walled and private garden, which is full of fruit trees and spices and birds. There are two spacious bedrooms with large ensuite bathrooms. Each having, air conditioning and hot water showers. Each room has its own outside area, with courtyard gardens, and a fish pond. Look outside the garden and you will see paddy fields, kades, buffalo and cow herds. Fresh milk straight from the cow is available every m...

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What do Rotarua and Málaga have in common?

They're at opposite ends of the planet, but at People Like Us, they're both brought to you by two of our most experienced members, Richard & Christine. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties?user=1081 Richard and Christine have completed about 75 exchanges over 19 years! They live in Rotorua in New Zealand (https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/367) but also offer their penthouse apartment in Málaga (https://peopleli...

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New listing - Vishovgrad, Bulgaria | People Like Us Home Swap

If you've been to England, France, Italy and Australia and you're looking for something a bit more obscure, welcome to Bulgaria! New member Marc has listed his home overnight and, in doing so, adds our 27th country to People Like Us. https://peoplelikeus.world/en/properties/537 Bulgaria is only a few hours from anywhere in Europe, and this property is delightful. It's in the countryside, "replete with flowers, trees, birds and wildlife". it has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and can accommodate 6 people. It also has hammocks, so maybe more! :) Take a look and tell your friends. Let's get the Bulgarian community growing on People Like Us!

Marrickville, inner Sydney | Come to Australia with People Like Us

We have a new member, Jude, who signed up on Monday and who has a charming place in Marrickville, Sydney. If you don’t know Sydney, Marrickville is only a few minutes out from the city centre and, as Jude says is “multi-cultural, multi-generational area with friendly, open-minded, open-hearted neighbours”. The area is full of restaurants with all sorts of cuisines and public transport is excellent. There are two bedrooms available but they will do their best to accommodate more than 4 if you have a larger family (see the listing) and is large by inner Sydney standards. The space includes: A double bedroom upstairs and a children's bedroom downstairs with a single bed, two singles or a bunk, depending on your preference. Lounge room with TV, large kitchen/dining/sitting room. Fully equi...

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World Home Swap Facebook group

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1952476815051268/ World Home Swap is a Facebook group for global home swapping. It's a group where you can go to talk about swapping with other members, request swaps, advertise your home, or anything else related to home swaps. World Home Swap is a companion site to People Like Us. Please join and help build our community!

Feature listing - Barnstaple, Devon UK | Home Swap with People Like Us

Member Audrey's delightful home has the most beautiful views of the North Devon countryside. https://peoplelikeus.world/en/properties/393 This home has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and comfortable accommodate 5 guests. Pets are welcome. There's a games room, utility room and a lovely enclosed back garden. Barnstaple is over a thousand years old and is the main town in North Devon. The countryside in this area is absolutely beautiful. It's perfectly located to explore the west country and is not far from the local beaches either. Take a look and make Audrey an offer for a swap today!

Feature Listing - Kilifi Kenya | Home Swap

Today's Feature Listing is in one of our more unusual locations: Kenya, but in a truly stunning location on the edge of the Indian Ocean. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/410 "Takaungu" is a "smidge of heaven", as described by owner and member, Philip. It's a single story, three bedroom, self contained home, fully equipped and staffed. The listing is a little light on information and photos but the main photo is amazing.

Sharetraveller requesting some web design help

I've spoken about http://sharetraveler.com/ before. It's run by a nice lady named Dawn who has invested a LOT of time over years to provide information to people like us who enjoy the sharing economy. It's an amazing resource, full of original research and information. Dawn posted earlier in the week that she's going to do a redesign of her site: "It’s time to start thinking about revamping my website. It’s been a few years since the last re-design. And inevitably the content becomes less organized and the usability less optimal." http://sharetraveler.co...

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New listing - Armou Cyprus | People Like Us

We're so pleased to bring you this lovely property from experienced home swappers Sue and Alan, overlooking the Mediterranean in Cyprus. https://peoplelikeus.world/en/properties/422 "Our compact home is situated in a small community of 22 houses. We have all appliances, including a wide-screen satellite tv receiving all UK programmes, European stations and Sky TV. We have internet broadband and wifi,. Our home is air-conditioned and light and airy, with all mod cons." For new members, this is a great example of the perfect listing. Excellent photos, descriptions of all aspects of not only the home but also the neighbourhood and what the owners are looking...

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Feature listing - Fairlight, Sydney Australia | Holiday in Australia with People Like Us

Welcome to a new week! Today's feature listing comes to you from Fairlight, a harbourside suburb in Sydney. It might be winter here in Sydney but it's as warm as Spring everywhere else with 26 degrees on Saturday, and Cassie's house is in the perfect position to enjoy the warmth. https://peoplelikeus.world/en/properties/499 This is a 3-4 Bedroom House in near Manly Beach. It's a 15-20 minutes walk to Manly Ferry and wharf, 1 minute to Express city transport, buses to Manly, Warringah mall, 10 minutes walk to picturesque harbour pools and beaches, bubbling cosmopolitan cafés, clubs & restaurants, the Iconic Manly beach only 20 minutes walk away (3 minutes bus...

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New listing - Joondanna, Perth Australia | Go west with People Like Us

This morning's feature listing comes to you from the west, near the city in Perth. Member Rheanna listed her home with us 2 weeks ago and, if you've thought before about going to Perth, you really need to take a look. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/483 "Open plan living with combined or separate alfresco dining options overlooking plunge pool and city views. Large kitchen with adjacent ample preparation area. Five large bedrooms over two levels with three bathrooms including spa in main bathroom. Additional theatre on ground floor and study upstairs." Rheanna and her family are looking for a swap within Australia over the upcoming Christmas holiday.

French translation of People Like Us

Members logging in yesterday morning may have noticed a very small but significant change on the front page of our site: the addition of two flags in the navigation bar, French and English. We have many new French members and this will both help them and hopefully attract lots of new members in that wonderful country in which so many of us like to spend our holiday swaps! We have commenced our translation process into French and will roll it out progressively across the site. If you care to try, you'll see that the front page can be translated and about half of the property edit screens so far. More will be completed each day. French speakers, please message me (Afficher plus

Visit Logelbach France with People Like Us

"Mon appartement est situé dans une petite résidence très calme. Il est situé au troisième et dernier étage, orientation sud. Une petite terrasse avec ouverture sur le salon-séjour est idéale pour prendre le soleil. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/490 Il y a également deux balcons, l'un à la cuisine et l'autre à la salle de bains. L'appartement est constitué d'un séjour-salon de 35 m², de deux chambres, d'une cuisine (on peut y manger à quatre) et d'une salle de bain avec baignoire (équipement douche). Mon appartement est situé en périphérie immédiate de Colmar et à quelques kilomètres des plus beaux vignobles d'Alsace. A 5 minutes à pieds de l'appa...

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Vignacastrisi Italia | Visit Italy with People Like Us

This house was built in the first half of the twentieth century, with star vaults, and has recently been renovated conservatively but equipped with every modern comfort. The garden, equipped with parasol, table, chairs, will give you the pleasant feeling of being able to eat outdoors .... in a little corner of paradise ... among rose plants and orange trees. In the garden there is an outdoor shower (cold / hot water). https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/412 The house overlooks the most beautiful stretch of coast from Otranto arrive at Santa Maria di Leuca, one of the most beautiful in Italy. The house is in a village which is 3 minutes from a great rocky sea:...

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Last chance! Our FREE FOREVER offer ends in 6 hours

One final reminder that the People Like Us home swap "free forever" offer ends tonight at midnight. Free access to the site forever if you register and list your home before midnight tonight. https://peoplelikeus.world/register Don't miss out!

FREE FOREVER offer ends tonight at midnight

Our launch special ends today. Take up our offer and get FREE lifetime access to People Like Us as long as you maintain an active listing. That's FOREVER, and that's a good deal! Register and list your home. Tell your friends. But do it today because tomorrow is too late! :) https://peoplelikeus.world/register

Nouvelle liste - Petite maison pas loin de la mer | ELNE France | Last 2 days for FREE FOREVER offer

Aujourd'hui, nous sommes d'abord en français en l'honneur de notre arrivée récente de membres français. Bienvenue! La nouvelle liste d'aujourd'hui est l'une de nos toutes nouvelles maisons françaises et l'une de nos nouvelles annonces les plus populaires. Cette maison a été vue plus de 600 fois dans sa première semaine. C'est délicieux et Elna est vraiment spectaculaire. Petite maison, simple, sans luxe, deux faces, dans quartier calme. Au rez de chaussée, salon-salle a manger, wc, cuisine, petite terrasse couverte et terrasse extérieure. A l'étage, deux chambres, une salle de bains avec wc. Une chambre et salle de bains, côté Sud face aux montagnes. S'il vous plaît, n'oubliez pas qu'aujourd'hui et demain sont les derniers jours pour notre offre "gratuite pour toujours". Inscrivez...

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Listing of the Day - Peak District UK | Free Forever ends Sunday

This listing is one of our most popular since we started with over 2000 views. A 3 bedroom bungalow in Bakewell, Derbyshire, this is has fantastic views and is just 10 minutes from Haddon Hall. Member Dave says they are "Lovers of Spain and Cyprus! Would love to try Italy as soon as possible!! Canada one day as family live there! All of Euroupe or anywhere really!" They're flexible, so take a look and book your swap soon! https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/350 Don't forget, this is the last couple of days for our "Free forever" deal where you'll get free access to People Like Us forever. We will introduce a fee in future but if you list your home and activa...

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Let us help with your plans | Translating to French | Traduire en français

A member asked me this morning whether it was possible to search for other members who specifically wanted to come to Canada. A lot of members put their travel plans in their descriptions but we don't yet have an easy way for you to search for those. We soon will but, in the mean time, there are two things you can do: 1. Post your plans in the Feed. Most members read this regularly so it's a good way to ask for specifics. 2. Send me a message https://peoplelikeus.world/messages?user=1 and I'll search the database to help. We've had a large number of French members join (thank you Etienne!) and so it's time to bite the bullet and translate to French. Google...

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New listing - Between Rennes and Saint Malo, France | Home Swap

Bathed in light, sunrises are often amazing and the big garden is a delight! https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/489 New member Jennifer says "A large living room, a comfy lounge area, an equipped kitchen ; 3 bedrooms are on the back of the house in a quiet place. 1 bathroom with bathtub and shower. There is a big garden (1300m²) to stroll, play, have a nap... and from the top of the hill, you will see the surrounding countryside..." Jennifer and her family are experienced home swappers, mostly looking around Europe for the moment. Don't miss this opportunity to visit this delightful part of France. * Our FREE FOREVER deal ends midnight Sunday 5 August AE...

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Fancy a break? Treat yourselves to a stay in Wellington, September 2018.

Feel like a change of scenery? Come to Wellington for September ( or part of it, whatever suits you). We are happy to consider a non sumultaneous swap and for us to visit your home at some other time. Enjoy the capital....the amazing NZ show WOW www.worldofwearableart.com is on in September as well as other events - check out www.wellingtonnz.com. Our property is https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/449! Let us know if you are interested! Penny and Iain

New listing - St Prex Switzerland | FREE FOREVER finishes Sunday

People Like Us welcomes Delphine & Marc in Switzerland today. Their home is on the lake between Geneva and Lausanne and is absolutely divine. You must take a look at the photos and the location! https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/484 Please remember that this is the last week for our FREE FOREVER deal. Please list your homes and activate before midnight Sunday.

FREE FOREVER deal closing Midnight AEST 5 August

Our tremendously successful FREE FOREVER launch special will close at midnight AEST 5 August. To secure FREE access to People Like Us Home Swap FOREVER, all you need to do is: 1. List and activate your home before this time. 2. Press the FREE FOREVER button to activate the deal. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties While ever you maintain a listing on People Like Us, it will be free, no matter what happens to our pricing in future. Don't miss your chance to have FREE access to People Like Us forever! Act now.

Feature listing - Montreal, Canada | Apartment like a house

2 floors, big and sunny and only 10 minutes from Montreal! https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/327 Patricia says her house is too big "but it allows me to receive friends visitors and sometimes even travelers via the Couchsurfing website! Looking for vacations with my boyfriend in Italy, Spain, England or anywhere in Europe!" This is a beautiful, bright, large condo on 2 floors, 2 bedrooms with double bed, an office area, living room and dining room in the same open area. It's well maintained and has friendly neighbors. Internet wifi, Netflix, dishwasher, fireplace, bath, possibility of lending the car. Nearly all services by foot. Contact Patricia and vis...

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Let there be likes!

Yesterday we released the Feed and first position was quickly snapped up by John & Lyn in Wales. If you fancy a white Christmas this year in the UK, and who wouldn't, take a look! https://peoplelikeus.world/feed/39 And today, you can "like" their post! We've added "Like" buttons to the bottom of each post so you can show your appreciation. I know some of you have very specific dates and places you want to travel so please post on the Feed: https://peoplelikeus.world/feed Comments are coming soon!

Fancy Christmas in the UK

We have 75 successful exchanges behind us and are now planning our next. We have the summer of 2019 already sorted but are looking to be away between November 2018 and February 2019. Ideally we are keen on South East Asia, but could be persuaded to visit Australia or New Zealand again Get in touch if you fancy a simultaneous exchange from 3 to 8 weeks in length Lyn and John

Be the first to write something on our feed

Regular readers will know that my Blog is used to circulate information and to promote new and feature listings. Well, today we're renaming it the Feed and opening it up to all our members. A lot of people have very specific home swap needs. For example you might really want to travel to Spain but you can only travel in August. You can put that information in your personal description right now, but it's not very proactive and people may not see it. The Feed is more like Facebook. Use it to advertise your property. Use it to see who wants to come to Puglia. Use it to say you really want to go to Canada and are happy to swap with anyone there. Tell a story about a recent swap, or use it for anything you want! You can even add an image to dress up your post. Occasional posts wi...

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How responsive are you at People Like Us?

We've introduced a new feature at People Like Us to show how responsive a member is to booking offers. The response rate can be seen at the bottom of the property card on the main screen. It is calculated as a percentage of the bookings to which the member has responded for that property e.g. 80%. If your response rate is below 100% it means that you have a booking offer to which you have not responded. If you receive a booking offer, you can accept or reject the offer or mark it as Considering, meaning that you may accept at a later time. It's important though that you respond to offers as a member has shown genuine interest and they are waiting for a response. We have also introduced reminders to let you know if you have an offer to which you haven't responded. Just pop in...

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New listing - Wellington NZ | Home Swap with People Like Us

This morning's feature property is from Penny in New Zealand who is happy to travel anywhere, but preferably somewhere warm! Not surprising at this time of year in NZ! https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/449 Penny says "Our home has stunning sea and country views. It is in a quiet peaceful area yet close to the beach and 20 minutes from the capital city. What more could you ask for!" It's a very sunny house with four double bedrooms (master bedroom with en-suite); main bathroom with double spa bath; lounge leading out to garden and deck area with barbecue; kitchen; family room with TV; dining room; study; third WC; integral garage and laundry area. Have a...

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New listing - Prague | Member looking for Gold Coast swap with People Like Us

Gorgeous, spacious and luxurious house in Prague for a swap https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/464 New member Eva is looking for a swap to southern Queensland, Australia for November through to February. On offer is a spacious, new and luxurious family house just 30 minutes to the centre of Prague. Eva says: "Our house was built in 2016 when we returned back from Australia to spend some time with our family. The house has three huge bedrooms (one queen size bed, in other two rooms are bunk beds - the bottom one is 140 cm wide and the top one is 100 cm wide) , one study with a sofa bed, two spacious bathrooms with toilets (bath tube, shower upstarir, sho...

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New listing - Nashville USA | Swap with People Like Us

Today's feature listing comes from the home of country music and the capital of Tennessee. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/443 It's a beautiful historic cottage on a cul-de-sac with modern updates located in a vibrant neighborhood in central Nashville and just a short $6 Uber/Lyft to Downtown! This home is a mere 5 minute drive to the following neighborhoods - 12th South, 8th/Melrose, Hillsboro Village, The Gulch and of course - Edgehill Village! Rest well with memory foam mattress and pillows in all rooms, including the sleeper sofa! It may be known for country music but there are lots of other things to do in Nashville. Afficher plus

We've improved our messaging feature at People Like Us

Many of our members use our inbuilt messaging feature to communicate with each other over swaps but until now it's been a challenge to see all your messages in the one place and whether or not someone has responded. Indeed, it's been a little difficult to find a member's details if you wanted to message them about a swap before you made an offer. We've released a number of improvements to make it all a whole lot easier: 1. Most places where you see a member's photo and details, you'll also see a "Send message" button. For example, if you're viewing a home listing, you'll see the button below the member's photo. 2. If you click on "Messages" on the navigation bar (https://peo...

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New listing - Sierra Mountain Playground | Home Swap with People Like Us

Pictures don't do justice to this charming cabin located just outside the El Dorado Desolation Wilderness. Large front deck for prime viewing of Lover's Leap and Hogsback granite mountains at sunset. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/433 Many outdoor activities nearby including: rivers, alpine lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, mountain biking, rock climbing and fishing. Built originally as a summer cabin, but fall and spring are ideal times if you want to beat the crowds. The cabin is approximately 900 square feet (including the loft), with a large front deck and two smaller patios out back. One small bedroom with a queen bed downstairs. Very large loft w...

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New listing - Mekong Delta, Vietnam | Home Swap with People Like Us

Today's feature listing is a pretty, typical Vietnamese house in the centre of a small, traditional town in the Mekong Delta. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/439 It is air conditioned, fully furnished and pretty luxurious by rural Vietnamese standards! The house is in a province famous for its food, and in a wonderful community. It will really give you a taste of small town Vietnam with a safe, comfortable place to rest and great neighbours who will welcome you enthusiastically.

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy updated at People Like Us

Please be advised that our Terms & Conditions (https://peoplelikeus.world/terms) and Privacy Policy (https://peoplelikeus.world/privacy) have been updated today. Please familiarise yourself with these documents. Your continued use of the People Like Us website acknowledges your agreement to these Terms & Conditions. We thank you for your custom and continue to strive to provide the best experience possible for your home swaps. If you have any concern about the agreements or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@ Afficher plus

New listing - Leichhardt, Sydney, Australia | Home Swap with People Like Us

Today we have a charming terrace in the inner city suburb of Leichhardt conveniently set just a stroll away to the chic cafes of Annandale and Leichhardt. Leichhardt is a residential suburb best known as the hub of Sydney’s Italian community. Norton Street and Marion Street buzz with cafes, trattorias and bakeries, and thousands of people visit the annual Italian Festa food festival every October. Check it out and swap for free on People Like Us Home Swap.

New listing - Kilkee, Ireland | Free Home Swaps with People Like Us

Frances listed her home this week, our first in Ireland. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/435 Frances says: "It's a quaint cottage close to the sea. It's on a peninsula so there's sea to both sides. It has a kitchen with Nespresso machine, kettle, washing machine & dryer, microwave fridge freezer and a dishwasher. Theres a bath tub with shower taps.in the living room is the usual, couch and tv & a stove for use in winter which heats the whole house." Visit to see the stunning pictures of her home and the surrounding town and countryside.

People Like Us is on Facebook

Most our members would know already but, just in case, we have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/peoplelikeus.world/ Like our page to get updates, and please use it to contact us or talk directly to other members. In the near future we'll add some features to make it easier for our members to talk to each other and offer their homes directly but, in the meantime, Facebook works well for this. As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or feedback. You can do this on Facebook or you can send an email directly: drew@peoplelikeus.world. We alw...

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Feature listing - Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Home Swap with People Like Us

This was one of our very first listings on People Like Us and remains one of our favourites. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/11 The 40m2 apartment consists of living room and one bedroom. The kitchen is fully equiped with coffeemaker, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Marleen says "Bos en Lommer is so hip that we now call it BoLo! It's relatively quiet, but with lots of shops and interesting restaurants. The people of BoLo are generally friendly and laidback." Take a look today, and swap with People Like Us!

New listing - Luxury Oceanfront Home in Mandurah WA | People Like Us

Today's feature home is a luxury oceanfront home close to Australia's premier wineries in Mandurah, down the coast from Perth, Western Australia. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/414 Modern contempory 2 storey beach front home with uninterrupted ocean views across the road from the best swimming beach in Mandurah. The living area of this large home has glass folding doors which open to a large balcony with an outdoor kitchen and Pizza oven to enjoy the ocean and beautiful sunsets across the water. There is a well stocked vegetable garden at the rear to provide fresh produce for your meals. There are 3 bedrooms, open plan lounge, kitchen and dining areas...

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Feature home - Byron Bay, Australia | Swap with People Like Us

Today we're featuring one of our most popular homes, "House Four" in Byron Bay, Australia. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/301 House Four is a contemporary and spacious home set in an idyllic beach side location. A saltwater pool, three luxury bathrooms with spa baths and The Byron@Byron Resort located next door, this is beach side living at its best. House Four sleeps 6 guests in 3 bedrooms. It is equiped with a cooks kitchen with new appliances and a french door fridge, an island bench for additional space and a seperate wine fridge. Connecting to the spacious kitchen is a bright and airy large indoor dining space with long table and its own sliding do...

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New listing - South coast, England | Join us at People Like Us

Today's feature home is on the coast between Portsmouth and Chichester in England near the famous Witterings Beach. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/421 It's very large with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 3 lounges It's set in 1 1/2 acres of garden with climbing frame, beam, massive trampoline with net, football nets, and even badminton. Pop into People Like Us to swap this beautiful home for yours next holiday.

New listing - Mont Albert North, Melbourne, Australia | Home Swap with People Like Us

This morning we have a spacious home in the east of Melbourne with great access to the city from a bus stop just down the road or trains a short drive away. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/413 Briony's home has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and can sleep up to 8 guests. They even have an outdoor spa! Come and join us on People Like Us and save heaps on your next home swap. https://peoplelikeus.world/register

New listing - Seminyak, Bali | Swap this Christmas with People Like Us

Member Vanessa is looking for a Christmas / New Year home swap in Sydney for her spectacular home in Bali. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/415 Sleeping 10 over 4 bedrooms and with 5.5 bathrooms, this is a large family home with open plan living, enclosed movie room and gourmet kitchen. But you have to see the pictures to get the full sense of just how special this home is. Absolutely beautiful. Visit People Like Us today to swap with Vanessa or any of our other fantastic homes.

People Like Us Review | ShareTraveller.com

About a month ago I came across a site called ShareTraveller while looking for information about swaps. There was a story about how some home swap networks expose their members' details to the public. http://sharetraveler.com/home-exchange-networks-exposing-your-information/ It really struck a chord with us as we specifically do not reveal addresses until an exchange is agreed and we don't show unavailable calendars until a person joins and logs in. I struck up a conversation with Dawn, the author of the blog, and she interviewed me for a review of this site. Last week the review was published:...

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New listing - "Jungle Tide", Kandy, Sri Lanka | Join People Like Us Home Swap

A haven of tranquility above the noise and polution of KandyCity but just 30 minutes drive away. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/365 A tranquil tea estate bungalow off the beaten track near Kandy with mountain views, swimming pool, gardens teeming with birds and wildlife and top quality home cooking. The area is great for walking and trekking of all grades, from easy to challenging. Jungle Tide is owned by a British couple, Jerry and Sally. Sally, the daughter of a tea planter, was born in Sri Lanka. Our resident staff, Martin, Rani and Noni, are renowned for their positive attitudes, love of children and brilliant cooking. We are always glad to help peo...

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How do I boost my listing on People Like Us?

You might notice that on each listing we keep the number of views. That's the number of times that someone has opened your listing page. But you might also notice that some have thousands of views. How does that happen? In a word, Facebook. (And photos, but that's two words). We promote all our new listings on Facebook as soon as they come in. Our Facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/peoplelikeus.world. That will usually bring quite a few views but that isn't everything. It's one thing for us to advertise your listing but another thing entirely if you do. Most of the really popular listings have been advertised separately on the member's...

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New today - Normandy, France | Swap with People Like Us

We've had a number of new homes in France over the weekend. Etienne's is our first and it's very central in Sainte-Marie-des-Champs in north-east Normandy. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/409 Etienne says: "Our house is located in Normandy, about 160 km north-west of Paris. The living area is about 125 m², and the house is quite new (built in 2003). Very calm location, in the metropolitan area of a small city called Yvetot. All you need is here to have cool holidays : living room, open kitchen, 4 bedrooms (possibility of 5), outside of 700m², 2 bathrooms etc. Kid's friendly home, with lot of toys and equipment for babies." Take a look, and swap for free w...

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Holiday House Swap Australia Facebook group

If you're in Australia or interested in swapping with Australians, take a look at Lori Flores's Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1314338921993827/ With over 400 members it's a vibrant community of house swaps and particularly targeted at Australia so well worth a look. Just like People Like Us, it's free and so we're very happy to promote a place with similar ideals! If you joined People Like Us after seeing us on Lori's page, an extra special welcome!

New today - Lecce, Italy | Swap with People Like Us

New today, a home just 1km off the Atriatic on the southern Salentine Peninsula of Italy, just south of the historic city of Lecce. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/405 Annamaria's home has a single bedroom but can accommodate 4 guests with a sofa bed. Take a look at this or our other listings on People Like Us!

New listing - Luxury apartment | Málaga Spain | Swap with People Like Us

Richard and Christine are seasoned swappers and are offering their holiday apartment in Málaga. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/369 "Situated seven minutes west of prestigious Puerto Banus, near Marbella, Costa Del Sol, Spain, El Presidente is a very quiet beach front estate of white luxury apartments and villas in the ornate Moorish style, well set back from the main roads and set in exceptional park-like tropical grounds of palm trees and lawns, with many fountains and ornate pools. There are five swimming pools, one of which is heated in cooler seasons, and four tennis and two paddle tennis courts, as well as golf practice driving nets." List your home...

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Send your home swap ideas to People Like Us

We have a long list of "things to do" here at People Like Us. We have things that we've thought of, things that have come to us from reviewers (looking at you, http://sharetraveler.com) and many ideas that have come to us from our members. One such idea came to us from John (https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/360 .. check it out, truly spectacular). He said that he had an offer from another member and, while he couldn't say 'yes' right away, wanted to say that it was of interest. Based on that idea, we've introduced a "Considering" status for a booking. Press this button...

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New listing - Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Swap with People Like Us

Aissa has listed her lovely apartment in Rotterdam with People Like Us. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/347 Aissa says: "I live in a very diverse and lovely part of Rotterdam. My flat is also decorated with love and a lot of DIY. Such as my pallet couch, bed and (hanging) closet that I made. I do like a lot of light coming through my apartment and my wall is decorated with calm paintings or plants. I like the idea of being semi-minimalist. My place is quite peaceful, but I do however live in the city and enjoy the noise that comes with it. That goes the same for my space. You can make noise and no one will complain. What can I say: city life. My neighbors t...

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New listing - Livorno, Italia - Swap with People Like Us

Italy is one of our most sought after places and we're the first to admit that we need more listings, but this is brand new in beautiful Livorno in Tuscany. https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/380 Nice and spacious apartment with sea view from two of the rooms, historic building, Terrazza Mascagni area and Naval Academy. This apartment still has the original floors of 1860, measuring about 100sqm, is very bright, airy and has its own personality. In summer it is particularly cool and comfortable. The sea view from the third floor, from two of the rooms, is spectacular especially in the days of wind of libeccio and during the sunset. List your home and sw...

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New listing - The Llangollen Canal, UK at People Like Us

Swap with John & Lyn in Bettisfield, UK! https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/360 It's like having a garden that is over 3,000 miles long. The canal is part of the waterways system with its tentacles going all over the UK and all at 3 mile per hour! The tow path opposite the house is part of The Shropshire Way, a long distance footpath for keen hikers. Take a look at People Like Us. List your home to swap this beautiful home or others just like it.

New today - Swap "Raffles" on Ubud with People Like Us

https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/381 Beautiful contemporary 2 level house built along the lines of "Raffles" in Singapore. The house is built on the edge of a ravine, with an infinity swimming pool, and offers fantastic jungle views. It is very private yet walking minutes away from the town of Ubud.

New today - Swap a Beach house in Zapallar Chile with People Like Us

Swap with Francisco on the coast of Chile! https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/373 "Our beach house in Cachagua, Chile is a delightful place where our family gets together for holidays and disconnection. Less than 2 hour drive from Santiago -the capital city- what I like most is the combination of high comfort and peaceful atmosphere of the house, with a wide range of attractions and activities for all interests and ages. The place works very well for multiple purposes and groups. Its perfect for families, big groups, partners, adventurers, nature-lovers, outdoor fans and those who want to just relax on the beach or by the pool. The place works excellent all...

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Help build the People Like Us network

A bigger network gives you more choice for free holidays. We have some brilliant new listings all over including England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Spain and Canada. But we can always do with more and this is where you can help us to help you. Please share your listing with your friends and Facebook. Let them know you're here and invite them to do the same. Invite them directly from the site by putting their address into the Circle page: https://peoplelikeus.world/circles/1. And as always, if you have suggestions or feedback, please tell me at drew@peoplelikeus.world. I respond personally to...

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New listings at People Like Us

We have new listings in the network every day. If you haven't dropped in recently you might have missed these fabulous new listings: Byron Bay Australia - Beachside living at its best - https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/301 Amsterdam The Netherlands - Tiny but cosy groundfloor apartment with private backyard - https://peoplelikeus.world/properties/11 Winter Garden Florida USA - Large Pool home on golf community 20 minutes from Disney World - Afficher plus

Let us set up People Like Us for you

Thanks for signing up to People Like Us. We know that setting up your home can take a bit of work so let us do it for you! If you already have a home swap page on another network, just send us the URL and we'll fill in all the details that we can. You'll still need to add the exact address but we'll do everything else, including the pictures. Sound simple? Just either send the URL to url@peoplelikeus.world or login at https://peoplelikeus.world and edit your profile (click on your name/photo in the top right corner) and you'll find a field for "existing URL".

Why People Like Us?

I’m glad you asked! I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of a home swap but never done it before. We fit the bill well as we’re adventurous and don’t mind too much where we go but the prospect of leaving our home with strangers has always put us off. Clearly the model works and a million people have done home swaps successfully but the horror stories I googled were enough to stop us doing it. It really comes down to the issue of trust. Would I put my biggest asset and all my possessions into the hands of someone I don’t know? What we were after was some way to know that the swap would be with someone we could trust. We wanted to put our home with people like us if we were going to do it. So, the name and the idea were born in the same discussion. We thought that we must...

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Welcome to People Like Us!

Hi, I'm Drew. Welcome to People Like Us! About 12 months ago I got an idea for a travel app that Iwanted to develop. I'm an old dev (go back to COBOL if you know what I'm talking about, that's old) but I've done a fair bit of app development with both Android & iOS but absolutely no web development. Nevertheless, I thought I'd teach myself as I went along and this is the result. I released it yesterday and put up a couple of posts on Reddit to put it out there. One was deleted immediately (thank you Travel mods) but the other had a bit of a run on the Laravel sub (the app was developed with the Laravel PHP framework). Too techie, let me move on. The concept for my app is a home swap network in which you can set up your own communities. My and my wife’s grand plan is to spend 3-...

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