Ancient family house in Hamburg green north
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Ancient family house in Hamburg green north

Hamburg Germany
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Hamburg, Deutschland
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ABOUT US We are a family of five plus our dog. Anni will be born in august 2020 and Ida was born in April 2018. Hannah was born in January 2015, but looks and acts as if she was a schoolchild already, a very energetic outdoor addicted girl. I am working as a Trainer and Project manager and my husband is a consultant for foreign trade in his own company. Our dog Suukyi joined our family in 2018 and stays with my brother when we are traveling overseas. We love to meet new people and to learn from them to think in a different way, in their way. I think this is the most interesting thing in meeting other people and makes you grow mentally. We love to try everything new and especailly food from all different nations all over the world. We try not only to be Mother and Father but a Partner for each other and friend to our friends having children or not and a teacher for ourselves and our children. There are still many roles we have, not only “not to see a child as a "Project" but to love it and integrate it in all the things you are doing and which you love” is our mission. They really slowed us down, what is great. I am even more empathic now, listening to my intuition even more deeply. Life with my girls and us and their wonderful daddy as a family is great and not restricted at all. You do things a little different but we are still able to do all the things we love, even traveling, but slower and focussed on everybody’s needs. Now everything we do as family, but we try out everything we did before at least once. We go to conferences with our kids, do sports, go traveling, host and visit friends, go for dinner and participate in life just as we did before, of course always aware of their needs. We love all kind of Sports. I love running, basketball, swimming, climbing, kite surfing, diving, snow boarding, beach volleyball, squash, badminton, hiking, yoga, horse riding, football.... I think sports are the best way to find on the one hand time for yourself, calm down, relax and doing activity with others on the other hand that gives you team spirit and brings you closer together. For my husband hiking trips by himself through the mountains are what is essential for a god trip where he can relax as well. We learned sailing also, bit catching up with that might take a while until our two girls are a bit older...With a toddler we are now of course more restricted to do things we can integrate them. Hannah just started wall Climbing and dancing and we learn swimming currently with her. Also diving is still possible (Dad dives in the morning, mom takes the afternoon one). We love all kind of Music, but especially the Jazzy Rhythms and Latin Music :-))) What we are listening to always depends on how we feel and what fits to that special moment. We have a big library at home. Reading is one of our biggest interests, now changing a little bit to audio books as this is easier with a baby ;-). We don’t have a tv at home so we are not really good conversational partner in terms of movies or soaps. Sorry for that. I learned spanish and french but if you don't speak the language for some time you forget lots of things. So I would love to meet people speaking other languages to have the chance to refresh once in a while my basic know how. My husband though speaks fluently Spanish so we we can handle at least 3 languages together as a team quite good ;) CURRENT MISSION I want to make this world to a better place for us and our following generation. I am very sure everybody can and as i am very gifted in making people believe in theirselves and motivate them to fight for their dreams it's my main goal in life to support them and fight for my dreams myself. With my kids I am now my own coach and coachee at the same time, learning to do things different and more deeply listening to myself than to others. PHILOSOPHY I am a person who enjoys every day with all it has to offer. I think life is to short to waste any time with having negative thoughts. I think people should laugh much more and enjoy the things they have instead of looking at the others and just see what they do not have. There are so many things to see, smell and taste in this world....we just have to open our eyes, and use our given senses and everyday little wonders happen. That’s also the way we want to teach our kids how the world goes round.
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"Currently we are searching a swap opportunity for June 2020- 3 weeks- everything reachable by car. We prefer Denmark, Sweden, France, Portugal or Spain. Also Austria would be great."