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Apartment • Amsterdam Netherlands

    2 Guests  
    2 Bedrooms  
    2 Beds  
    1.0 Bathroom  
    0 Car spaces 
    Primary home  

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Listed  June 2019
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Response rate  100%

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Air conditioning
Cupboard / drawers
Bed sheets
Smoke alarms
Clothes dryer

Travel styles

    Last minute
    Good public transport

House rules

    Unsuitable for infants under 2
    Unsuitable for children ages 2-12
    Pets not allowed
    No smoking


For exploring and sightseeing in Amsterdam, you are best off to walk, bike, use public transport, boat or taxi, than driving a car here. About Amsterdam, it is: - considered globally as a must see, one of the most popular cities in the world, with top recommendations from leading travel advisers. renowned as the city with the highest concentration of top World Heritage Sites,Theaters, Museums, Art galleries, Music venues and Michelin-starred restaurants in the whole world: 114 Michelin starred and recommended sights: including Unesco Canals, many world-class museums: Vincent van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum (Dutch and European Masters as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals, Delft Blue porcelain, world and applied arts a.o.), Stedelijk Museum (Modern art), the Hermitage Amsterdam, the Royal Palace, the Anne Frank House, Foam Photography museum and many more an all-round all-year most interesting and diverse city for top class walking, boat and biking tours, markets, street life, gastronomy, cafes, festivals, shopping, entertainment including for the younger, abundant sports facilities, flowers, interesting nature and country side, pools, sea and beaches nearby. - a paradise for tourists: very easy, nice and safe to walk and bike around, lots to see, join and shop on the way, plenty public transport, taxies and canal boats. And you can rent your boat (no specific license needed) - high standard of gastronomy, all cuisines in all price classes, 81 Michelin starred/recommended restaurants - any season is great to visit a mild sea climate city like Amsterdam, you can check your favorite website. Occasionally the mild winters bring snow that makes beautiful scenery (see pics) and feature the - very tolerant, friendly and relaxed atmosphere among tourists and locals, the Dutch speak several languages. - plenty world class diverse entertainment named world's best: Concertgebouw Orchestra + world's best concert hall Concertgebouw; many other music, musical, theatres and other cultural venues. - many diverse architectural highlights: one of the world’s most beautiful art deco cinemas Want to know more? Convince yourself via You can also enjoy several public sport facilities, out + indoor pools, including world's most beautiful: And off Amsterdam Centre: - by bike or public bus you can do breathtaking tours to beautiful monumental villages just a few kilometres north of Amsterdam as Monnickendam, Volendam en top sight - nearby loads of sandy beaches: - the Keukenhof, the world's top flower exhibition fields - at only 30-40 mins by train is Rotterdam, until last decade world's largest port, boasting modern architecture and named as world's must-see cities in Lonely Planet, The Rough Guide and New York Times for 2014-2015 - at 40 mins by train: The Hague is the seat of our Government, Parliament and Royal Family, a beautiful city that boasts palaces like Carnegie's Peace Palace, long sandy beach and the Mauritshuis with world famous paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and many others. - also the cities of Leiden, Haarlem, Delft, Enkhuizen, a.o. make rewarding easy trips from Amsterdam, - if you have enough time, further and immense popular is Giethoorn: So, come and enjoy, Amsterdam welcomes you!

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Ronald & Warner

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Joined June 2019
Response rate 100%
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Hello fellow home exchangers, we are Warner + Ronald from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we have done 110+ exchanges since 2000 on various exchange sites with ditto raving Guest Reviews! To serve your efficiency, motivation, effort and trust, we prefer to: - communicate as transparent as possible - and quickly answer: can both commit to the requested exchange or not. So, please check what we can and can’t do: In general: we have been exchanging flexibly for over 20 years, experience has proved mostly that: 1) staying or hosting for non reciprocal = Globes/credits works for us. 2) reciprocal exchanges do not. A) Regarding hosting: if and when 1) you possess+want to transfer your Globe to come stay, 2) your travel dates match with our options in our Calendar and Profile, if you like you can mail us your realistic proposal for your Globe. - Regarding our own stays: please ONLY start mailing us if you are open to host for Globes + when your home matches desired destinations + dates in our Profile. Thank you very much for your understanding and attention! We wish you and all members many happy exchanges and lots of fun!

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