Cancun for April 23 to May 4 2020 any takers ?

We are offering our beautiful Cancun, Hotel Zone condo for preferably an exchange in Portland, Oregon 23 April to 4 May 2020. If not then we will go for a globe ! Let us know any thoughts, cheers and happy travels, Ian.

Log in to People Like Us to check your email settings

As mentioned at the start of the weekend, I've been working on email settings. And it's complete! To recap, it's always been a bit of frustration for members when they send an enquiry and don't get a reply, but often the issue has been that our members just aren't getting notified about enquiries. That may be because the email address that was entered was wrong, or it's an old Facebook email address if you signed up with Facebook, or you may have accidentally unsubscribed or even reported emails as spam in the past. Yes, it hasn't happened much, but it has happened! 😡 The issue has been, once that happened, there was no way for you to fix it. But now there is! Log in, click on your photo and go to Email Settings. You'll see all of the different categories of emails...

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What's Drew working on this weekend?

Email settings! One thing that's often been a source of frustration is when you send an enquiry but you don't get a response. There are many reasons for that. Check my FAQ out: There are some things here I can't affect much but one thing I can do is to make sure that you're aware of things that may be going wrong with your email address e.g. - If emails to your address are bouncing - If you've unwittingly unsubscribed from a type of email or all emails - If you made a spam complaint about P...

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Last minute beach side holiday 1-7 Jan.2020 Qld Australia

We will be away and offer our house for non sim or globe 1-7 Jan 2020/ WALK 3 minutes to beach. Beautiful area Hervey Bay Queensland. 4 BR Modern home. Fly into Hervey Bay from Brisbane or hire a car. Hope to hear from you #3296

Do you have a question?

This has been so long in the making. I've been asked for it so often. Sorry I've taken sooooooo long, but it's here. An FAQ section on the website! I've trawled through all your questions. I've asked people for common questions. I'm not sure I've got everything, but I do have 55 FAQs ready to go The FAQ is accessed from the Help option on the main menu, or you can go straight there from this link: If you think of a new question, there's a button to suggest one at the bottom of the page. If you know the answer you can add that too! I'll get an email if you add one so that I know it's there. One of the really good things about this...

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What's happening at People Like Us Home Exchange?

It’s been a big month at People Like Us. It’s a month since Globes went live and it’s all been pretty smooth. That month has been our busiest ever! There were over 2000 new exchange enquiries in the last month and over 7000 messages sent between members! By comparison, this time a year ago there were fewer than 100. We registered with TrustPilot this month. Trust is so important. When new people are looking for a home exchange site, they need to see real independent reviews. We’ve already had lots of reviews from our members which you can see here: A lot of the updates this month hav...

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Not getting enough enquiries?

I saw a brilliant post by Annemette in Denmark ( which I wanted to share. There's some excellent advice here! 🙂 Don’t get any enquiries because your home is not in a popular destination? Recently I’ve seen a number of people making the above complaint. Here’s what I’ve learnt after more than 15 years/30+ exchanges: 1. You don’t GET many enquiries - you SEND them! And for some destinations it takes A LOT of enquries. I sent out hundreds before finding exchanges in NYC and LA, but I didn’t mind, because we had some fabulous holidays, so the work was totally worth it 😊 2. Some destinations ARE more popular than oth...

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Please give me your feedback on a subscription fee for People Like Us

PLU will introduce a fee early in 2020. I'd like your feedback and have prepared a poll with some options. While I've held off as long as I can and free is nice, a fee will do a lot for PLU. I want People Like Us to be sustainable into the future. The revenue generated from the fee will go into software development, marketing our community in appropriate areas to bring more choice and generally making the site bigger and better (while always keeping our community feel!) It is not an option to stay as a free service. A lot of things are undecided, particularly how much, but I wanted to get some feedback about the type of fee that is most appealing to you. Feel free to check more than one box if you want options, or even add options if you have an idea. Please give me your...

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Come to the People Like Us Inaugural Gathering of Friends

In October next year, 2020, People Like Us will hold our Inaugural Gathering of Friends at Graystone Castle in Arlington, WA, United States. It’s going to be 4 days of eating, drinking, visiting some fun local attractions and getting to know your fellow PLU’s. I can’t wait! We’ll look for registrations early next year but, for now, we need expressions of interest in attending. We’ll have to limit attendees to 70. As People Like Us will change a subscription fee by the time of the gathering, attendees will need to be paid members. For this reason, this email is being sent directly to members with active listings only, and not posted on the Facebook group. Details are available on our website, together with an option to register your interest and the number of people who would come:...

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Maison disponible du 30 octobre au 3 novembre

Hello I propose my house between the 30th october and 3th november. We il ne in Spain so my house is disponible. 4522 South of France Kathy