New listing - Mont Albert North, Melbourne, Australia | Home Swap with People Like Us

This morning we have a spacious home in the east of Melbourne with great access to the city from a bus stop just down th...

New listing - Seminyak, Bali | Swap this Christmas with People Like Us

Member Vanessa is looking for a Christmas / New Year home swap in Sydney for her spectacular home in Bali.

People Like Us Review |

About a month ago I came across a site called ShareTraveller while looking for information about swaps. There was a stor...

New listing - "Jungle Tide", Kandy, Sri Lanka | Join People Like Us Home Swap

A haven of tranquility above the noise and polution of KandyCity but just 30 minutes drive away.

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You might notice that on each listing we keep the number of views. That's the number of times that someone has opened yo...

New today - Normandy, France | Swap with People Like Us

We've had a number of new homes in France over the weekend. Etienne's is our first and it's very central in Sainte-Marie...

Holiday House Swap Australia Facebook group

If you're in Australia or interested in swapping with Australians, take a look at Lori Flores's Facebook group:

New today - Lecce, Italy | Swap with People Like Us

New today, a home just 1km off the Atriatic on the southern Salentine Peninsula of Italy, just south of the historic cit...

New listing - Luxury apartment | Málaga Spain | Swap with People Like Us

Richard and Christine are seasoned swappers and are offering their holiday apartment in Málaga.

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We have a long list of "things to do" here at People Like Us. We have things that we've thought of, things that have com...