What's Drew working on this weekend?

Email settings!

One thing that's often been a source of frustration is when you send an enquiry but you don't get a response.

There are many reasons for that. Check my FAQ out:

https://peoplelikeus.world/faqs/39 https://peoplelikeus.world/faqs/53

There are some things here I can't affect much but one thing I can do is to make sure that you're aware of things that may be going wrong with your email address e.g.

  • If emails to your address are bouncing
  • If you've unwittingly unsubscribed from a type of email or all emails
  • If you made a spam complaint about PLU emails (yes, this has happened a small number of times)

Once any of these things happen, we can no longer send you emails until the setting has been reset.

So, what am I working on?

Just that.

If you've unsubscribed, or if your email address is bouncing, or if you've marked us at spam at any time, this new feature will tell you and allow you to reset.

In the case of subscriptions, you'll be able to set your own settings to say what type of emails you want to receive from us.

For example, if you're happy to receive exchange emails (and, frankly, you may as well not be here if you don't want to receive these!) but you don't want a separate email for each blog post, you'll be able to set that.

I'm about half way through the work and I hope to complete it this weekend.

Let me know what you think!

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