Token Update and Scheduled Update today

Token update

The previously announced intention to award a token to new members who had activated a listing before 30 June will be scaled back. I realise now that this will create an imbalance in the number of tokens in the system, and potentially encourage people to register a listing before they are ready. I'll reconsider the way in which we'll award the initial tranche of tokens and make an announcement about it soon.

System Update today

In one hour's time, the PLU website will be shutdown for a software update which will introduce improved desired destinations and reverse search, and other smaller changes. The system will be down for 1-2 hours.

Following the update, it will be necessary to review your desired destinations. This is a major update and requires conversion of all destinations to a new format. Destinations that previously had multiple destinations in a single entry may not convert perfectly. In cases where that has happened, for the next few weeks you'll be able to see both the old and new values so you can edit them. Only you will be able to see the old values.

Please review your desired destinations to ensure they are correct.

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