The 2021 People Like Us Secret Santa is now open!

Join us and spread some kindness around the PLU world!

I’m very pleased to announce that registrations for our 2021 People Like Us Secret Santa are now open! 

This was such a big event last year.

Not so much was happening in the travelling world. We were mostly all stuck at home due to the pandemic.

But our Secret Santa really warmed my heart ❤️ for the last couple of months of 2020.

Remember our Secret Santa Gabrielle getting all her friends to send postcards from different states to Kim just to confuse her?

Or Kira who bought her present from Amazon in Russia to totally bamboozle Marleen in Amsterdam?

And everyone’s favourite Christmas Elf, Andy, who helped with questions and hints throughout?

Well, we’re back, and I hope it’s even bigger this year! 

It's really simple. Register on the Santa page. There's a little gift icon on the menu too. 🎁

In about a week, I'll do a random draw to assign you a "giftee". Buy or make a gift and send it anonymously to your giftee.

Someone else will do the same and send a gift to you, and you'll have to try to guess who it is.

If you don't celebrate Christmas, that's absolutely fine with us too. It's just a holiday gift to spread goodwill around our PLU world.

Registrations are open right now to all Premium members:

If you’re a Trial member and want to join in, or if you're lurking here and haven't yet joined us, go Premium now!

Nothing will make you feel as much a part of PLU as Secret Santa (apart from exchanging, of course!) 😂

There won't be any second draws this year so register now!

The draw will be done toward the end of next week.

I hope you'll join us! 😃

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