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Dear PLU’s,

As I announced last week, subscription fees will be delayed until further notice. We all have bigger things to worry about. My thoughts are with you whether you’re trying to get home, already in lockdown, or just dealing with the situation as you can.

I have just made a release which will bring in a number of changes in preparation for subscription fees when they come.

For now you won’t see a lot of changes as e has been made temporary Premium members. I have initially released this on a month-to-month basis and will update it in April as things hopefully become clearer.

Some functionality is now labelled as “Premium”. As everyone is Premium for now, all functionality is accessible to everyone.

When subscription fees are introduced, people opting for a 3-year subscription will receive a new “Loyalty Globe” for the level of commitment. This has not yet been done.

To maintain Premium membership you need to have an active listing. If you deactivate your listing, Premium functionality will no longer be accessible.

Everyone can now access Support (Help / Contact Member Support). This is regardless of whether you are a Premium member or not. You only need to be logged in. Such messages are labelled “Support” in the message list.

As always, please let me know if you can’t access something or if you see something that’s not working as it should.

Cheers, Drew

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