Sharetraveller requesting some web design help

I've spoken about before. It's run by a nice lady named Dawn who has invested a LOT of time over years to provide information to people like us who enjoy the sharing economy. It's an amazing resource, full of original research and information.

Dawn posted earlier in the week that she's going to do a redesign of her site: "It’s time to start thinking about revamping my website. It’s been a few years since the last re-design. And inevitably the content becomes less organized and the usability less optimal."

She's after some help. I know that some of you are gifted in the ways of web design so I thought I'd reach out. I'm going to have a look at one of the more technical aspects: maintenance and presentation of the comparison tables she keeps of home swap sites.

Dawn wrote about People Like Us a couple of months back. For anyone interested, her review is here.

Our site has improved since then and our membership has grown but it was a fair review and an interesting read to get an objective view.

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