Please give me your feedback on a subscription fee for People Like Us

PLU will introduce a fee early in 2020.

I'd like your feedback and have prepared a poll with some options.

While I've held off as long as I can and free is nice, a fee will do a lot for PLU.

I want People Like Us to be sustainable into the future. The revenue generated from the fee will go into software development, marketing our community in appropriate areas to bring more choice and generally making the site bigger and better (while always keeping our community feel!)

It is not an option to stay as a free service.

A lot of things are undecided, particularly how much, but I wanted to get some feedback about the type of fee that is most appealing to you. Feel free to check more than one box if you want options, or even add options if you have an idea.

Please give me your feedback:

If you have comments, please let me know:

We are also discussing this currently in our Facebook group:

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