Our subscription fees plus an extra incentive

This plan was not implemented due to covid. The information in this blog post may be out of date.

Last week I announced details of our upcoming Premium subscription for People Like Us. Thank you all for your feedback and warm encouragement. This is a really exciting time as we enter a time together where we can truly grow, something I think we’re all interested in.

As a reminder, I’ve attached a summary of the features that will be available to Basic and Premium members.

Work has progressed really well this week but, as always, the devil is in the detail. I’ll update you as it progresses.

My intention is to offer a simple fee, worked out as a monthly fee in USD but paid once, in advance. Multiple years offer a discount for the commitment made to PLU.

The fee will be:

  • $6.99 / month for one year (annual fee of $83.88 billed in advance)
  • $5.99 / month for two years ($143.76 billed at the start)
  • $4.99 / month for three years ($179.64 billed at the start)

I don’t plan on offering launch specials, sales or coupons.

However, Globes …

It has been requested many times that they be awarded with every subscription.

I don’t want to do that. I feel that it could flood the system, deflate their value and create the wrong message that someone can get a free holiday for a small commitment. We’ve seen examples where that hasn’t worked.

There is the opportunity, though, to offer a Globe for our longest-term subscription as a commitment bonus.

Why would we do that?

We need more Globes in the system. While nearly everyone had one when we started, now only half of our members do. They’ve become a bit too valuable and people are hanging onto the for longer exchanges.

For people who’ve joined since they were introduced, it’s become increasingly difficult to get one. They’re not so easy to find and, because we don’t offer a search for people who have them, people can only really search on Facebook. Members who are not on Facebook don’t really have any option. As more members join, this will become harder.

Awarding a Globe as a loyalty bonus for the three-year subscription would drive people to make a longer commitment to the platform, which is just what we want. Commitment and loyalty.

Why would we not?

Because it could be seen as “buying a Globe” although I would hope that would lessen since it would only be on the three-year option.

Please give me your view.

Should we offer a Globe for a 3-year subscription? Would it work or not?

Send me a message via the system (https://peoplelikeus.world/messages/user/1 ) or we're currently discussing it in our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/peoplelikeus.world ).

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