New Privacy Options For Premium Members

New settings for Trial Members and Non-Members

My new changes for Premium Members last week had an unintended consequence that Trial Members were stopped from seeing parts of a home profile that they could see before.

Many Trial Members said to me that they would like to become Premium when they could travel again.

Or when they've proven that People Like Us works for them by finding an exchange.

We all want our Trial Members to become Premium!

Our Trial Members want to become Premium too!

My changes today give Premium Members more control than they've ever had over their privacy settings.

Premium members now have privacy settings for:

  • Feedback
  • Calendars
  • Photos (other than the first)
  • Descriptions
  • Map of approx location
  • Member description
  • Desired destinations

Better, you can set these separately for Trial Members and for Non-Members (Non-members include both people who have signed up to the site but not activated a listing and people who haven't logged in at all).

You can also hide your surname but, if you do, it's hidden for everyone.

Feedback and Calendars are new settings for non-members. These are hidden by default but you can open them if you wish. All the new Trial settings are open by default, the same as they were a week ago before Trial Members existed.

I really care about your privacy and I want People Like Us to have the best privacy provisions in the world.

No other site in the world allows you to control what others see like this!

I have one further change coming for Premium Members too.

You can already prevent contact from Trial Members if you want.

The change is that if you do have that option set but you contact a Trial Member, they will be allowed to respond to you. This would allow you to have conversations with Trial Members that you initiate.

I do urge you to leave contact open to our Trial Members. In most cases, they want to join but want to find an exchange first. Leaving contact open will help us build our community!

As always, let me know ( if you have seen anything unusual happening.

Bug reports are always welcome! Feedback is welcome too! 😃

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