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As mentioned at the start of the weekend, I've been working on email settings.

And it's complete!

To recap, it's always been a bit of frustration for members when they send an enquiry and don't get a reply, but often the issue has been that our members just aren't getting notified about enquiries.

That may be because the email address that was entered was wrong, or it's an old Facebook email address if you signed up with Facebook, or you may have accidentally unsubscribed or even reported emails as spam in the past.

Yes, it hasn't happened much, but it has happened! 😡

The issue has been, once that happened, there was no way for you to fix it.

But now there is!

Log in, click on your photo and go to Email Settings.

You'll see all of the different categories of emails that we send: blog posts, message notification, exchange notifications, notifications that your home has been favourited and so on. If you want to, you can unsubscribe from one or more types.

If you really want to, you can unsubscribe from all but this is inadvisable as you will never know if people are trying to contact you unless you look.

Now, to make this work, I've had to delete the old unsubscribes (sorry). You can unsubscribe from any email type you receive (including this one) by clicking on the button on the bottom of the email, or by going to the settings as described above.

There are two other types of email suppression:

  • Bounces: where we've tried to send you email in the past but the email has 'bounced', meaning that for some reason we couldn't get the email to you. That may be because the email address was incorrect, or your inbox is full, or some other techie reason.

  • Spam complaints: If you've intentionally or accidentally reported our emails as spam, that stops ALL emails to you.

If either of these have happened, you'll get an alert on the email settings page and you can reset it the condition to try again.

Please, log in to take a look, particularly if you haven't been getting emails.

And, let me know what you think!

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