I’m working on a new thing!

The most amazing thing about People Like Us is our community. Sure, I like my software platform but software is software and it’s the people who make the community.

Throughout this pandemic, even though the thing that brought us together has been put aside for a while, we’ve stuck together.

We’ve talked about what’s happening locally, about the good and the bad, about the things that are keeping us busy and happy. We’ve talked about our hope for the future.

The thing is though, a significant proportion of our PLU members have not seen any of this. They haven’t seen it because they’re not in our Facebook group.

My new thing is something to bring our whole community together.

I’ve got a bit to go before I’m finished but it’s not far away. While I don’t ever like to talk things up too much, I think this one is pretty good. And I’m very excited by the possibilities.

I’ll tell more soon. 🤫❤️

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