Exchange changes are just 8 days away

Our long-awaited update with Globes is due to be launched next weekend if it passes through testing this week.

Globes are a big new part of the update but the biggest change is to how exchanges will now work.


I get more emails about exchanges and messages than anything else. It's always been a bit confusing. I've tried to simplify the system, bring exchanges and messages together in the one place, and lead you through everything you need to do.


There are five stages to an Exchange: Enquire, Propose, Accept, Finalise, Complete.

  1. The first step is to send an enquiry to the other party. This is really just a message to discuss the exchange. This discussion will continue until you're ready to make a formal proposal.

  2. A formal proposal has an exchange type e.g. simultaneous, non-sim, etc, dates and travel party details. If the exchange is non-reciprocal and both you and the other party are enrolled in the Globe system, you may offer a Globe.

  3. A Proposal can be accepted or declined by the recipient. If accepted it will come back to you for finalisation.

  4. The creator of the exchange is required to finalise it. When finalised, if a Globe is attached it will transfer to the host at this point. The exchange details will be locked. Further changes may be made by unlocking the exchange but they will require agreement by both sides again.

  5. After the exchange has happened, the exchange will automatically change to completed. Once completed, feedback can be provided. In the case of a non-simultaneous exchange, each side will complete separately according to their dates and, of course, will be reviewed separately.

Cancellations can happen after finalisation. I've spoken about this in a previous note on Globes. Clearly, once finalised, an exchange should only be cancelled in exceptional circumstances and in close discussion with your exchange partner.

You will notice that the separate exchange tab is now gone as exchanges and messages are seen together. All your communications with another member are in the one place. When you're viewing an exchange, you can continue to message your partner easily.

Every change that is made, every message that is sent, will be sent to the other party as a notice by email. While it's possible to unsubscribe from these emails it isn't a good idea as you won't find out about any changes.

Any questions, just ask!

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