Do you want a tokens system in People Like Us?

In March and April, we conducted two votes about a tokens system for People Like Us Home Exchange. A tokens system is used to assist with non-reciprocal exchanges. If you want to travel to someone's place but they don't want to come to yours, you can give them a token. They can then use that token to do the same with someone else.

The first vote was about whether we should do such a system at all. The result was: 65% for, 25% against, the rest either neutral or wanting more information.

The second vote was about what type of system we wanted. The result was that 70% wanted a token to represent a stay with the stay to be agreed by the members. 18% wanted the token to represent one night. The rest wanted another variation or none.

PLU is democratic. This is our thing. It is very important to me that I build the system that our members want.

With that in mind, this is the final vote: to decide if we introduce this system. The way it would work is this:

  1. A token will represent one stay. The duration of the stay is for members to work out between themselves.

  2. There will be no money in the system, at all, ever. It will not be possible to buy tokens.

  3. Everything is equal. Homes are not rated. There are no different tokens for different homes or different locations.

  4. The system will be optional. You will have to opt in to use the system. If you do not, you will not see anything about tokens. As far as is possible, I will make it invisible to you. You will not see that some people receive tokens and others don't. Members who opt in will not be able to offer tokens to those outside the system.

  5. PLU will always be primarily for reciprocal exchanges and we will continue to promote reciprocal (simultaneous and non-simultaneous) exchanges above token-based exchanges.

  6. People will not get tokens just for joining. Most likely, I will set a date at the conclusion of this poll (if successful) by which people must become members with an activated listing to receive a token when the system starts. There may be other ways to earn tokens in future but they will always encourage regular reciprocal exchange.

Lastly, I know this topic has previously invoked some passionate responses due to the way such systems have been implemented elsewhere. I'm very aware of that and have tried extremely hard to come up with a system that is subtle in nature, can be ignored, but delivers the assistance to those that will find it helpful.

The question is: Do you want PLU to implement a system of tokens as described?

The poll is being conducted on our Facebook group: If you do not wish to join Facebook, you may vote by replying to this email with 'yes' or 'no' and I will include your vote.

Thanks, Drew

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