Do you have a question?

This has been so long in the making. I've been asked for it so often.

Sorry I've taken sooooooo long, but it's here.

An FAQ section on the website!

I've trawled through all your questions. I've asked people for common questions.

I'm not sure I've got everything, but I do have 55 FAQs ready to go

The FAQ is accessed from the Help option on the main menu, or you can go straight there from this link:

If you think of a new question, there's a button to suggest one at the bottom of the page.

If you know the answer you can add that too!

I'll get an email if you add one so that I know it's there.

One of the really good things about this is that the questions and answers are all translated. If you do a new one, it's automatically translated when it's saved.

"Like" the post if you'll find it useful! 🙂

Yes, ok, that was just a shameless request for Likes. 🙄

But tell me anyway. 😃

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