A token system for People Like Us

Counting the votes that I also received by email directly from the website, we received 421 votes, 355 (84%) for, 46 against (11%), 20 undecided.

Respecting this, I will go ahead to build this system as described previously, something that I hope will both assist those who need it and can be ignored by those who don't.

There is a lot to do so it will likely not be up and running until August, maybe September. I intend to award one token to each member who has registered and activated their home BEFORE 30 JUNE.

Let me repeat that: you must activate your listing before 30 June to receive a token when the system starts.

A vote for a name for our token will take place on Facebook in the next week. If you'd like to, please email suggestions by replying to this email.

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