A People Like Us development update

Work is underway for subscription fees. This is a really big job, and one that has to be perfect.

Note that this is about development work. It is not yet available on the main site. It will be ready in a few weeks. The first thing I needed to do this week was to set up the system to accept payments. That now works for the one-year payment. I still need to do two and three year subscriptions.

Most of the complexity is in getting the framework right to simply allow different parts of the system to be used by Premium members, Basic and those not logged in at all.

Most of that work is done now so that I can turn parts on and off. I'm going through each of the parts now to make sure Premium functions are available only to Premium members.

The new optionally secured parts work. Anything that you opt to secure from non-Premium members is now hidden.

Some of the filters are only available to Premium: favourites (both homes you've favourited and homes that have favourited you) and time-based searches (new today, new this week). I've also restricted setting favourites to Premium members.

It's going well but will still be a few weeks away. I'll update as I get closer, both here and on the site.

In the attached screen shot, the banner is green. That just lets me know that I'm on the development system. Our colour isn't changing. :)

Let me know if you have any questions. https://peoplelikeus.world/messages/user/1

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