60 new homes, 9000 Facebook members, system updates

This week we've added another 60 homes to our website, passed 9000 members in our Facebook group, welcomed our 60th home in Denmark, our 30th in Croatia, our 10th in Romania and our 2nd in Bulgaria! 🥳

Welcome to all our new starters! If you have not yet activated your listing, you must! You can't start exchanging until you list your home. A whole world of exchange awaits! 😃

As always, if you have questions, our FAQ is full of new starter information:


If you're on Facebook, make sure you join our group and advertise your home there. It's such a great way to get known in the community:


And if you want to ask me something directly, you can do so via help:


I made a couple of little updates yesterday:

  1. You can now see the number of exchanges finalised and completed on a member's profile. Of course, this is only available if you're logged in and you have an active listing.

  2. I've made it easier to provide the link to your home. You can now just add it to our peoplelikeus.world link e.g. https://peoplelikeus.world/1 will take you to my place. Just replace '1' with your own listing number.

Work continues on the subscription fee release. It will still be a few weeks away, but should be ready in March. All of the new "standard messaging" (previously known as "nudges") is now done so a Basic member can do a simple enquiry of another Basic member or a Premium member and get a response. Most other things are done too but I'm still working on the payments system. It's a bit tricky, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Have a great week everyone. Happy exchanging! 🙂

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