Der wichtigste Teil von People Like Us ist unsere Community. Unsere Gemeinschaft macht uns zu "People Like Us". Sehen Sie, was Hunderte unserer Mitglieder über uns und unsere Community zu sagen haben.

People like us - We ♡ it! People like us - This means trust, friendship and respect. All this, we found on this website. We are swapping our home in Germany with people from all over the world and just had recently our first great experience with people from Alaska. The website is easy to use, trustworthy and the owner does a fantastic job. The community and Facebook group is the friendliest and open minded homeexchange group I've ever been. We can't wait to share our home again.

Verena and Adam, Mitglied seit January 2019

Lots of wonderful homes listed, and a good and effective page, easy to search for homes and write to members. Very helpful Facebook page associated, with very friendly and kind members, who are eager to help in any way. Highly recommended Swap site!

Karina, Mitglied seit February 2020

Very friendly community! A great experience which generate friendships and unforgettable trips.

Annemiek, Mitglied seit February 2020

We have had great experiences with 3 exchanges so far on People Like Us. It seems to have a very active and friendly community and the website is pretty easy to use.

Ryan, Mitglied seit June 2020

People Like Us is not an ordinary exchange platform : it's a spirit, a community and a lot of friends everywhere! We've been exchanging home for a long time now and we found again here what we were searching for in the beginning : the real "Share". Try it, you won't see your house and your holidays the same way you did before!

Alexandra et François, Mitglied seit January 2019

Excited to see where this website and members takes us in the future

Katherine, Mitglied seit March 2021

Si, recomendaria la plataforma PLU porque sus miembros me dan mucha confianza, aunque todavia no he tenido la oportunidad de realizar ningun intercambio. Esperemos que suceda!! Yes, I would recommend the PLU platform because its members give me a lot of confidence, although I have not had the opportunity to make any trade yet. Let's hope it happens !!

Carmen, Mitglied seit July 2019

It is the most friendly homeexchanging community in the world! We have been using homeexchange sites for almost 5 years and we still use other sites too. But since we became members of People like us we always start our search within its community as it has the highest answering rate and kindest people. People like us :)

Suzana, Mitglied seit January 2019