Der wichtigste Teil von People Like Us ist unsere Community. Unsere Gemeinschaft macht uns zu "People Like Us". Sehen Sie, was Hunderte unserer Mitglieder über uns und unsere Community zu sagen haben.

Very nice and trustworthy platform. Great personal approach by the owner and creator. Members seem very dedicated to the true spirit of home exchanging.

Maria, Mitglied seit May 2019

I can only have nice words for People Like Us because of many different reasons: a very active, helpful, kind and enthusiastic community of people who really love exchanging; a user friendly site, growing fast and improving day after day; and last but not least of course, a founder always taking care of every member and focusing on our requests (that's a 6 stars (out of 5) regarding customer focus!!) My first People Like Us exchange took place last Easter (agreed just two weeks after I joined) and more exchanging coming exchanging with people like us.

Mayte, Mitglied seit January 2019

PLU is a great home exchange site with opportunities to make friends across the world. We are from the UK and have completed an exchange with New Zealand and have had a family from Italy stay in our home. This year we hope to host families from NZ and USA. During covid, we have taken the opportunity to travel within the UK and have done, and are planning some great, more local swaps. Our experiences so far have been extremely positive. I would recommend PLU to anyone interested in travel. Not only is it a great way to travel sustainably and with less costs, it is an enjoyable way to connect with others from around the world. During covid, the PLU facebook page has come into it's own and i have treasured the connection with others. Through it i've seen pictures of wonderful places, learnt about culture, enjoyed learning about different foods etc. We have even had the opportunity to do zoom calls, one of which was a Spanish lesson! Please come and join us :)

Ali, Mitglied seit February 2019

Everything is arranged very well and clearly on the website and there is a nice active facebook group where you can ask all your questions but also general exchange proposals. The founder of People Like Us is very enthusiastic and also very active in the fb group. It really feels like a group of new friends that I haven't all met yet. The vibe is very friendly and helpful and the experienced members help the newbees wherever possible. We have just arranged our 2nd exchange with very nice people in South Africa, how nice is that!

Annet & Theo, Mitglied seit April 2019

Awesome community, awesome homes! I can't wait to see how it will grow in the future. I have done 3 exchanges via People like us so far and they have been great and very positive experiences. Keep up the good work!

Lora, Mitglied seit February 2019

Scrivo la mia testimonianza in italiano perché purtroppo in Italia viaggiare scambiando casa é ancora un modo di viaggiare poco conosciuto, invece credetemi è fantastico: visiti luoghi che non avresti mai visitato, lontano dalle mete turistiche, sei ospite in case piene di comfort, incontri gente accogliente da tutto il mondo e spesso rimangono in contatto con te nel tempo, risparmi e a volte scambiando anche l'auto è comodissimo, c'è sempre qualcuno a casa tua per bagnarti le piante o dar da mangiare ai tuoi amici animali. Tra tutte le comunità a cui mi sono iscritta questa é senza dubbio la migliore, super organizzata e piena di gente simpatica!

silvia, Mitglied seit January 2019

Love this group and its communitive. Everybody is friendly and helpful and so many people offers their help if somebody needs it. We have had wonderful exchanges trough this group and have found new friends for life. We recommend this group to everyone who knows are interested in home swapping. The founder Drew Seitam is doing an amazing job. The group just gets bigger and better each day.

Charlotte, Mitglied seit April 2019

We have been registered with People like us Home exchange for just over a month and already have organised our first successful exchange. Looking forward to seeing the world from the comfort of a new friend's home.

Tracey, Mitglied seit December 2019