Globes are here!

Well, it’s been a long time coming. We started talking about this around 10 months ago. We had 3 votes and thousands of comments. I’ve done about 10 weeks of work and my testing team has put in a huge effort. Globes are here! Globes were allocated one per listing which was active on or before 16 June. A small number were also distributed to people who had hosted a non-reciprocal exchange before the end of July. I’ll do more posts over the coming days about how it all works but the Globes and Exchanges descriptions are in the blog and on Facebook. A description of Globes is also on the Globes tab. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this discussion, for your ideas and your positive messages. Thank you especially to my little team of advisors, mods an...

Anyone for an Antipodean adventure, or an extended holiday in Australia?

Warm Greetings PLU Members! I'm planning an extended trip to Europe next year visiting France, Poland, Switzerland and anywhere else time permits, so if anyone is interested in enjoying Australia's wonderful scenery, beautiful beaches, great food and wines, the 'Ouback' and so much more, I invite you to make your base in Adelaide and discover the diverse culture of the Land Down-Under! I would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in holidaying or spending an extended stay in Australia. I'll look forward to hearing from you and discussing any possible exchanges while I'm in Europe! With very best wishes to everyone on this great new platform. 💁 Alicia.

Exchange changes are just 8 days away

Our long-awaited update with Globes is due to be launched next weekend if it passes through testing this week. Globes are a big new part of the update but the biggest change is to how exchanges will now work. WHY ARE EXCHANGES CHANGING? I get more emails about exchanges and messages than anything else. It's always been a bit confusing. I've tried to simplify the system, bring exchanges and messages together in the one place, and lead you through everything you need to do. HOW WILL EXCHANGES WORK? There are five stages to an Exchange: Enquire, Propose, Accept, Finalise, Complete. 1. The first step is to send an enquiry to the other party. This is really just a message to discuss the exchange. This discussion will continue until you're ready to make a formal proposal. 2...

Le sud de la France, en échange du sud de la FL ou SF ??

Nous sommes trois adultes, un couple et moi, qui cherchons un échange du 3 au 14 février, souhaiterions passer quelques jours dans le sud de la Floride, ou San Francisco ou ses alentours. J'accepte toute sorte d'échange, simultanée, non-simultanée ou globe. Ma maison peut recevoir 4 personnes

Thank you for recommending People Like Us

Welcome, friends, to our People Like Us community. 😍 Last night on our Facebook group ( I read about a new exchange that had just been booked, and how that person had found us via a personal recommendation. It made me think of how many of you are here because you saw a recommendation or a post, or someone recommended People Like Us. I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who has introduced someone to People Like Us. ❤️❤️ When you tell a friend about PLU, or post or comment a recommendation, it's a hundred times more effective than if I do it! Everyone knows you have a...

Nuestra relajante casa

Somos nuevos pero impacientes por particiar en el grupo. #4396

Nuestra relajante casa

Hola. Acabamos de unirnos a esta comunidad. Esperamos daros la bienvenida algun dia por nuestra casa. Ya tenemos muy buenas experiencias en otras plataformas de intercambio. Nuestro anuncio:#4293.saludos

Petite maison, entre mer et montagne, disponible en Octobre 2019

Je vais partir tout le mois d'Octobre et je cherche un échange avec le Sud de la Floride ou San Francisco début février en non-simultanée Ma maison pour quatre personnes, se trouve dans le Sud de la France, a 2 heures de Barcelone, 45 minutes de Figueres du Musée Dali et une heure de la Costa Brava , ainsi que de Cadaquès. Nous avons dans notre région, plusieurs Forts médiévaux, : Ville franche de Conflent, Castelnou, le village ou j'habite Elne est une commune d'art Roman, sur Perpignan a 15 mn vous allez pouvoir visiter le Palais des Rois de Majorque , ainsi que plusieurs villages et sites N'hésitez pas a me contacter et vous renseigner pour une autre période ou je vais également accepter les Globes. Je peux également vous héberger si vous êtes seul ou a deux dans la chambre d...

Look for an exchange on Sydney with France.

Hello everyone, My name is Michel and my wife is Mirela. We are in our fifties and new to PLU. Our next trip is to Sydney from 16.10 to 04.11.2019. We are visiting our son who is on an internship in a company. We have already made an exchange for the last week of our trip and we are looking for an exchange from 16.10 to 27.10.2019. We are thinking of a non-simultaneous exchange. Our announcement is: We look forward to welcoming you to France. Thank you to all of you, Michel

Globes are coming. Here are the rules!

This is the notice that will appear in the new system about how Globes work. There is also information on how Exchanges change in the new system: WHAT ARE GLOBES? People Like Us uses Globes to assist non-reciprocal and hospitality stays. A Globe is a token that can be exchanged for a stay in someone’s home. If I want to stay in your home but you don't want to stay in mine, I can offer a Globe. You can then use that Globe to stay at another member's home: 1. A globe has a serial number. Each Globe is a separate numbered “thing” and all Globe movements are recorded. You can see which Globes are in your Suitcase on the Globes tab. 2. A Globe represents one stay. The duration of the stay is for members to work out between themselves. 3. Globes may be offered for Non-reciprocal a...