Searching for a Long-Term Exchange in the Summer of 2020 in Australia or the USA

Hi! We are Frank (35), Denise (31), Levi (7) and Milo (4). We love to be in the nature. We almost made 7 very nice Exchanges so far and are luckily looking for more this Year! Now, we would love to plan a really big Trip (for us) for the Summer in 2020! We know, that this might be a bit early to ask but for us this would be a big Deal, and maybe its a bit of a German-Way to plan long before ;-). We are searching for 6 or 7 weeks in the Summer of 2020 - and hopefully Australia or the USA. We live in a detached house on a hill with a unique view! Our hometown is called Gummersbach and has a population of 50.000. The house is sattled in a residential area with a wonderful wooded area near by (5 minutes to walk) to go walking, jogging or running around. There are a lot of big cities you can explore: Cologne (20 minutes) Bonn (45 minutes) Frankfurt (1 Hour and 45 minutes) Dusseldorf (1 Hour) Wuppertal (1 Hour) 5 Hours by car to go to Berlin or Munich! 4 Hours to Hamburg! Great for a Weekend-Trip! Its also only 3 hours by car to go to the netherlands!!! If this sounds interesting for You, we would love to hear from you!