Red Train of Cathar Country and Fenouillèdes

Welcome to our tourist trains, through many services! The equipment being expanded, we offer you 3 4500 railcars and 5 car baths discovered and covered, towed by a powerful diesel locomotive of the most beautiful pace. Thanks to them, we connect from April to late October, the famous capital of Muscat: Rivesaltes to St. Martin Lys in the Aude, via Axat. Other races for visitors from the Upper Aude Valley are planned, with more outings provided in July and August. Our trip will take you through renowned vineyards, framed by a landscape of western, which will take over forests deep fir, oak, and chestnut. A route punctuated by some Cathar castles, with and impossible to see views of the road. Our railway line is operated by TPCF on weekdays between Rivesaltes, Cases de Pène and Caudiès. Departing from the Rivesaltes or Espira station, we greet not far from the wind turbines of the plain of Roussillon and the 11th century abbey, on the right. This will be followed by quarry operations alternating between black and white material. Then, here is Cases-de-Pène, its metal viaduct with a beautiful view of the village and the hermitage of ND de Pène, at the top left. Not far, one of the vestiges came from the Middle Ages, the old signal tower del Far, full of history, dominates the surroundings. We pass under an unexpected concrete portico, which we will comment on the origin. While crossing the vines of the Maury vintage, a very good natural sweet wine, aged in the sun in bottles or demijohns. Not far, the St Vicens chapel on the left marks our arrival at Estagel, the birthplace of the Arago family, with its 18th century Baroque bell tower. Exit the old station, and if it is revealed, we have a nice escape on the left towards the mount Canigou, the pride of the Catalans who stands on the plain of Roussillon, of the height of its 2784 m and 66 cm ( 2005 measures!). Not far, near a farm in ruins, we leave symbolically Catalonia for Languedoc. To say that here, historically, from Saint Louis to Louis XIV, the political and linguistic border was located on both sides of a small stream. It is time to see the first citadel of emptiness encountered, Quéribus Castle. Behind its crest, is nestled the famous village audois Cucugnan, famous for his priest of shock, according to Alphonse Daudet. As you will have noticed, our train is an emotion at every turn, every turn of the wheel. It's up to us to share with you his unforgettable feelings. "